Time to spice things up!

Yoga can truly boost your sex life and libido in amazing ways.

For starters, practicing yoga regularly will help you become more aware of your body, which can heighten sensation during sex. Practice breathing in the bedroom as you would on your mat and you will be amazed by your deep feelings and emotions.

Furthermore, as your body becomes stronger and more toned, you will likely become more confident in your body, especially when naked. Lastly, as you become more flexible, you can try more and more sexual poses.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your yoga mat and start working on this libido-boosting to spice things up in the bedroom.

Cat / Cow

This pose will gently warm up your spine and abdominal region, including your pelvic floor, which is a crucial muscle for obtaining the orgasm you dreamt about it.

Downward Dog

This pose helps relieve stress and energize the body. For sure will help prepare your body and mind for a spicy bedroom session.

Lizard Pose

This pose is amazing at opening up the muscles in the groin area. It may also help to achieve some very interesting positions.

Eagle Pose

The sensual twists and turns of the eagle pose will get your body ready to twirl limbs with your lover. Plus, the focus you need to have to hold this pose will help you stay present during sex.

Wide Leg Forward Fold Pose

A wide-leg forward fold will help keep you flexible for all of those spicy new poses you want to try, and will also send a rush to your pelvic area. This pose will also help your vaginal muscles.

Happy Baby Pose

Happy Baby is a deep hip opener, which helps with flexibility as well as an emotional release. This is the perfect tool for opening up your sacral chakra, your passion, and your pleasure center.

Shoulder Stand Pose

This pose increases blood flow to the brain, which will help keep you focused, so you can remember all of those new poses you’ll be trying in the bedroom.

Plow Pose

This helps stretch out your neck and back which will keep your spine bendy and limber and will help to prevent any injuries and become more flexible.