The live cam industry has room for everyone. Our platforms are open so your personality can be seen online.  Tell me, how do you define yourself? All women with a good personality can be part of Studio 20.

This industry has the advantage of being diverse. Our cams can be beautiful, exotic, anime, passionate, elegant, friendly or sexy.


The most well-known part of the webcam industry is the live cam girls. These are girls, adults, who chose to be models. They are beautiful girls of all nationalities and with different tastes. They are entertaining and creative. 

They are the tender and sensual face of webcam modeling They are thin fat women, with blonde, red, pink, or black hair. They can be Latin, American, or European. They’re beautiful women.


There are also men who are webcam models. They are sexy and smart. Although little is known about them, some are super famous. 

So if you’re a man and you’re interested in starting this, don’t hesitate to do it. Studio 20 has a space dedicated only to working with male models.

Mature Women

No matter how old you are, you can be a model. Many girls ask us if they can be models despite their age, moms, and experience. The answer is yes, this category is very much in demand because they are women who have experiences and moments to speak. 

Is a good experience, having a few extra years is a benefit for you because you will connect with people your age or be tempted by young people.


Are you risky? If you’re ready to master the web platforms this is your chance. Girls who like fetishes have their place. If what you love in sex are leather suits and whips you can do it and get money. 

Many of the users want to be dominated by naughty women. If you’re not afraid you can be a dominatrix.

Trans girls

This section is an interesting part. Trans girls also have their space on the web. Trans models have many visualizations and a lot of audiences. You don’t have to show your attributes and everything you are. 

We are proud of the diversity offered by being a webcam model.