Hara Voss. The face of an angel and the mind of a porn star

Hara Voss: the face of an angel, the body of a Goddess and the mind of a porn star. She has one of the sweetest personalities in camming right now, bringing that fresh vibe that makes you spend all day in her room.Face of an angel Meeting Hara was a really fun...

Camming while on period

“Hello gents, this week my vagina is the Red Riding Hood and it is going to bleed for a couple of days. Wanna cuddle instead?” said no cam girl ever. Since we have been dealing with “shark week” since puberty, we all know the cure-all - your favourite icecream...

Pro tips for a perfect hair routine

The model life requires lots of efforts to look like perfection on camera. But what happens when your hair gets fried from all the hairstyles, heat and products? Well, we are suggesting a change in your routine. Let's see some pro advice for products and...

Surprise him with the best teasing of his life

It`s no secret that building a man`s anticipation it`s important in any type of relationship. Do you want to surprise him with the best teasing of his life?

What are the benefits of camming?

Okay, you’ve finally decided that you want to be a cam model (or, are still on the fence about it). Great! If you’ve decided to embark on this journey, you’ll want to know what are the major benefits you get out of it, right? Well then, let’s have a look at...
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20 tips not to get friendzoned

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