Common-Sense Marketing' How to dramatically improve your sales conversion  ratio - 'Common-Sense Marketing'
  1. For no reason do you leave the camera

An empty stage does not attract an audience
We know that you would not like to go to the concert of your favorite artist and only see the empty stage or maybe go to a shopping center to see your favorite actor or artist and have him touch you in a place so isolated that you can not see him or never I arrived.

We know that you understand well what we mean and that is what users feel when you move away from the camera to reach something that you did not have at hand, or you go away to go to the bathroom many times a day just for whim or laziness, but no out of a real physical need.

2. A place for everything, everything in its place

Not only for hygiene, do it for health
Nothing more beautiful and professional than order and discipline and a good way to show that you care about your health is by having a place for everything and keeping everything in its place. Dont waste your time asking other people about stuff, you should have all the necesary to do you job. Also avoid an infection

Keeping all your toys disinfected can not only prevent infections and other health problems, it will also help you keep your work tools in better condition and for longer.

3. Don’t use region locks

Use social media and full open service with no blocked countries.
It is amazing that there are still people who trust that “it is impossible for them to see you in your country”. We do not really know if it is sadder that there are people who offer and guarantee that or that people believe it.
There are two webcam models per street in each city and most likely the neighbor that you see that fixes nails or the one that does not seem to kill a fly is, they could have a shirt that says.

4. Patience, all users are money.

I hope you have never heard those absurd advice to ignore the users without a valid account (in the case of F4F) or on the other pages that you ignore those who do not give you money to start with.

For what more you want, do not fall into that game of ignorance.

When you ingore your people, you are wasting your time, you dont know who is the king of the room. Would you like to be ignored? Try new ways to add new fans under your account.

5. Define your type of presentation and functions in it.

What we mean by this is that your show must be as explicit as possible to attract the attention of users who really interest you.

Arrive in time to your workspace to have everything ready, change your “topic room” every day to have everything organized and prepared to give the best show of your life.