Being a cam girl means that you’re a public person, it means that you interact with lots of people, all ‘shapes and sizes’, with different points of view and multiple personalities. There are people who will adore you, worship you, and people that will make fun of you, people that don’t like you, people that are jealous of who you are and what you do or are just plain mean and have a fetish of being a-holes.

Nothing you say or do can prevent bullies to speak their mind. Dealing with cyberbullying as a cam girl is a common thing and it’s one of the reasons that many girls quit this job. You need to have a strong character, a clear mind and stay true to who you are to succeed in this line of work, especially when it comes to bullies.

And it’s not just some advice that you can only use on cam. It’s something that you can use in you real life as well. And if you’re a parent, it’s even more important to teach your child about bullying and how to prevent it or don’t let it affect him/her.

First of all, let’s talk about what cyberbullying means to a cam girl. When you’re online, people can harass you, can make you feel like you’re not good enough, not pretty enough, not worthy of being online. Coping with cyber bullies can be difficult because it can happen at any time of day. That means that they can act when you’re online and when you’re offline. Cyberbullying includes messages on your social media accounts, emailing or texting threatening or nasty messages, posting embarrassing or humiliating pictures or videos, sending texts repeatedly in your chat room, making fake profiles in your name, posting personal information and making abusive comments about you.

Second, make sure you’re not a bully yourself. Even if you’re not the one that starts bullying, you can easily become part of it and therefore, a bully, when you participate in hurtful conversations about other cam models out there. Try not to engage in that sort of conversations. You know how much words hurt you, so don’t hurt anyone else by making fun of other models. Even if you feel like in the cam model business the competition is fierce, becoming a part of cyberbullying isn’t the answer.

Dealing with cyberbullying as a cam girl

Dealing with cyberbullying as a cam girl

Third let’s talk about what you can do to deal with cyberbullying.

  1. Stay Calm. You need to realize that bullies are people that have lots of insecurities, lots of issues of their own and they take their frustration out on you. You’re not to blame, it’s not your fault so keep in mind that no matter what you say, they won’t stop until they get bored. So try to stay calm, don’t over think it, remind yourself that nothing they say is true, take a deep breath and keep smiling. Eventually they will stop.
  2. Don’t Reply. The best thing to do when dealing with bullies is not to engage with them. Most of the time, replying and getting into arguments with them is exactly what they want. Don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing you upset or angry, ignore their comments, keep your head up and have fun.
  3. Take Screenshots. If you’re in a situation that affects your identity and you need that bully to disappear, take a screenshot of the conversation and talk to the Online Support of the sites. Show them that he is bothering you, that he is threatening you and they will help you.
  4. Tell your support team. If you’re in a studio as a cam model, the best thing you should do is tell your support team that you have someone bothering you. They will know exactly what to do best in that situation. Most of the time they will talk with OS and they will ban/kick the member out of your room.
  5. Block the Bully. If you’re on your own and things get heated up, there’s no other thing to do but to block/ban the bully. Sometimes they will not go away, no matter how sweet you are, no matter if you don’t respond to them, they will keep attacking you and in the end, they will ruin your chat area. So, you just have to ban the bully from your room.
  6. Be nice to them. Sometimes it’s best to try to be nice. Again, remember that they are people, they have their own problems and maybe they need someone to make them feel good about themselves. If you know you’re the type that knows her way around words, be nice and talk to them. Try asking if he’s ok, if he wants to talk about something with you, if you can make him feel better. And, who knows, maybe that bully will turn into a paying member if you know how to talk with him.
  7. Be private. To avoid personal information about yourself leaking over the internet, never give your true info and reveal your true identity to anyone when you’re online. You’ll never know how a trusted member can turn into a bully and give your personal details in free chat so everyone can gain access to them.
  8. Social Media. Even when you’re not online you can be bullied. It’s easier for people to send you messages, videos, steal photos and bully you on social media sites. Do some research about Twitter and Facebook policies when it comes to cyberbullying and reporting people. Every social media site has a “blocking” section where you can block and report people that bully you and try to impersonate you.
  9. Sympathize. Always remember that bullies are people as well and that happy and secure people will never bully others. Don’t get mad and upset when they attack you. They’re trying to intimidate you and make you feel fear or bad about yourself to make themselves feel better. They have issues and that’s their only coping mechanism. Just ignore them but don’t attack them back.
  10. Talk to someone. Even if you’re strong, even if you consider yourself to be the most confident person in the world, words do hurt. Bullying will affect you one way or another. Don’t keep it all to yourself. Sometimes it’s better to talk about this to someone. Bullies can make you feel less, not worthy of being a cam girl and having people say to you over and over again that you’re not good enough, can affect you emotionally. Talk to someone close to you, tell them what you’re going through, talk with other cam models on forums and you will find the help you need to get your confidence back.
Dealing with cyberbullying as a cam girl

Dealing with cyberbullying as a cam girl

All in all, keep in mind that cyber bullies thrive on your reactions and your feelings and their main goal is to get you upset. Don’t give them that satisfaction. If they see you’re strong, if they see they can’t break you, if you ignore them and they realize they can’t hurt you, they will eventually stop. And always remember, no one has the power to say you’re not beautiful, no one can tell you who you are if they don’t know you. So, let the haters hate and keep up the good work.