Toys and sexual accessories are the most known tool to spice up your sexual life. They can make a big difference and you, as a cam girl, should use them to your advantage in order to surprise your partner and to take your bond to the next level. It is proven and confirmed by counselors, couples who use toys and other props live happier and longer relationships, while being able to communicate more effectively and without inhibitions. If you’re looking at how to spice up your relationship, toys can raise your self-esteem and trust in your partner, and the bond between partners in general.


What is 100% sure is once you start using the “utensils” you should not be concerned about them replacing anything, it will be quite the contrary, they will help you discover new sensations and pleasures you never experienced before.

What to choose?


  • Toys that improve the sexual performances
  • Toys that help both partners to achieve climax
  • Long-distance relation toys
  • Sexual accessories for easy and guarantee pleasure


The possibilities are endless, from a romantic dinner date with a blindfold involved to a remote vibrator that you can use on each other it’s all up to you. Moreover, there is a wide variety of accessories and toys you can use for both partners and it will definitely spice up your romantic encounters. Ropes, vibrators, dildos, penis rings, and even chokers, your imagination is the limit, the most important part is proper communication and making sure that your counterpart is completely ok with whatever you want to throw into the mix. 


How do I propose this to my partner?


Some partners will want to introduce a sex toy immediately, while others may wait years, and still, others may never have the desire.

Be it dirty talk, anal sex, sexting, or watching porn together, before you want to try something new with your partner you need to talk about it before.You need to understand that you can’t try something if you are not willing or prepared to talk about it.


In order to have a better understanding of each other’s needs and interests, you should discuss all the aspects regarding your intimate life.

There are different types of scenarios, and you are the only one who knows what will work for your relationship.


Set the mood, be sure that your partner feels comfortable, pour yourself a glass of wine, and propose to him a  little game. Talk about your deepest fantasies and what you would like from your partner.


Another bolder approach of course if you have discussed your likes and dislikes, is to set up a date, letting them know you have a big surprise for them. Start the tease in advance, that’s how you can be sure that he will get really excited for the big “reveal” and it lets their imagination line up all the dots instead of straight-up telling them what’s going to happen. 


In conclusion, make sure you know and understand your partner’s desires before you make any step into experiencing a new world. Perhaps you are the more adventurous type and all of this will be second nature for you once you get it started. But one thing is for sure, changing rhythms from once in a while can be a breath of fresh air for everybody.