There are a few people who are aware that when you’re a webcam model everything is important – from the looks to your conversational skills. You can play online games to spice up your conversations and to improve your connection with the members.

Video chatting consists of two important parts – the visual and the conversational parts. The first thing you notice about a model is the way she looks, therefore you must emphasize looking as good as possible. The conversational part is even more important than the visual one. Often, a good conversation is sexier than a naked woman because nothing compares to a woman who can flirt like a pro.

If you want to spice up your conversations with the members and make them become regular ones, you can play some online games based on discussions. This way you’ll find out more about their life, thoughts, or concerns. So, here are 5 online games that you can play:

Truth or Dare

This is one of the favorite games of online models around the world. The reason is that “Truth or Dare” involves both the conversational and the interactive part, in which everyone is involved in an activity.
This game allows you to go as deep into a conversation as you want, or make it fun and interactive – depends on your mood and on the members from your chatroom.

Never Have I Ever

“Never Have I Ever” is an excellent ice-breaker. One thing you should know is that this game has no rules. You can ask anything you want, from general questions to the most intimate ones that go through your mind. Use it for fun or to get confessions. Either way, you play it, you win – you’ll get to know your members better!

If I Were … For A Day I Would

This game is really fun. Each of you picks one character that you’d like to be – Batman, Mickey Mouse, Cleopatra, or whoever you’d like to be or what superpower you’d like to have. Then you imagine what would you do if you were the character you picked e.g. If I were Wonderwoman for a day I would travel all the world in one day.

If I Could Turn Back Time I Would

This game explores your deepest thoughts and your inner desires, it makes you introspect into your life and past mistakes, see how you could work on your flaws, and become a better version of yourself. Each of you thinks of a past experience and how you could have reacted in a more pro-active


Charades is just another name for mime, so the rules are simple. One of you will mimic an action or interpret something or someone, and the other has to guess what the mime was thinking. This game will bring a lot of smiles and will make the other person feel closer to you.