If you’re a high heel lover, here’s the article for you. As a model, it’s really at your preference if you wear high heels or not, we totally respect your decision. However, if you decide you want to wear high heels for basically the entire day, you better choose comfortable ones! Let’s see some tips & tricks.


1.Size matters!

Size truly matters in choosing your high heels. It’s better to choose a size bigger than yours. It will allow you to place silicon layers inside the shoes that will increase their comfort level.

*** Extra tip – sillicon layers

The sillicon layers will make any pair of shoes comfortable. It’s like magic. They will also give beginners better stability.

2.The position of the heel

Feet should neither be constrained too much in shoes nor should the shoes be too loose. Your feet should simply be fixed in the shoe. In order to understand how comfortable a selected pair of shoes is for you, don’t feel lazy or awkward about walking a little more when trying them on. Also, pay attention to the position of the heel — it shouldn’t be “curved” — turned outward or inward. If it is, these shoes will cause too many issues when wearing them and will break down really fast too.

3.do you know what a toe box is?

The Toe Box is the front part of the heel, where your toes live.Popular toe boxes for dress shoes usually range from round, square, almond, to pointy. Often the level of comfort and style (formality) of these styles are inversely related, especially in high heels.

The most uncomfortable ones? That’s our favourite ones, of course! The most stylish choice, our dear stilettos sometimes give us scars. We know this info is kind of frustrating, because we all love how the pointed-toe look elevates the entire outfit and elongates the legs.  This problem is especially prominent for those with wide feet. As a result, they often have to compromise comfort for style, or vice versa. 

So this is what we consider to be the main aspects in choosing your online high heels. We chose ourselves the models in the images above because we think it’s just madness not to use the best weapons to feel like a famme fatale everyday ( example: Hara Voss’s policewoman stripper success