If you are like me, you scroll a lot through Instagram and only see amazing selfies that girls take of themselves. Now you must wonder what stops you from having the same results as they do when taking photos… The truth is, there is so much more to a great picture than just good lighting and a neat background. If you want to make sure that your photos get all the likes and followers you deserve, then keep reading! I have prepared a few tricks to help you to achieve the perfect selfie. 

First things first let`s focus on the light

It`s important to have good natural lighting, so you should face a window or even go outside. This trick is also helpful for making your undereye circles and shadows disappear. But if you really can`t or don`t want to go outside, you can also have that great studio light inside using just a blank white piece of paper. You just need to hold it underneath your chin, which will create a natural bounce of light that will ultimately illuminate the face. This will also reduce the double-chin effect. Extra-tip: use the golden hour to shoot a photo. This means that you have to shoot during sunrise or sunset, when the light is low and the most beautiful. 

Play with angles and positions 

Nobody likes a feed where all pictures look alike. Find what best suits you and try to play with it a little bit, so you can have different content for your social media accounts. Keep in mind to always keep your chin up and your phone high, as Kim Kardashian points out so rigorously! To do this, you can hold your phone so that the bottom of it is at the same level with your eyes. This way you will look svelte and supermodel-y in photos. Pro tip- try not to look directly into the camera, since most people don`t look their best while doing so. Instead, tilt your head a little, and turn slightly to one side (the one that is your best, of course). 

Now that you have these great tips, your selfie is already starting to look like a pro, so all you need to do next is to practice. This is really the best advice anyone could ever give regarding selfies. You won`t like all of the pictures that you will take of yourself, so make sure that you have enough at the end of the session. Try tilting your head in different directions and changing the angles up slightly between each shot so there’s a wide variety to choose from. I`m sure you have a great camera on your phone by now, so you can also try to film your selfie session instead of taking standard pictures. For this, you will only need to press the record option. After about a minute, you can stop it, scroll through the video, and freeze a frame with your best selfie.  

Try to pose as naturally as possible, and don`t forget that your eyes send the message for you. Feel free to be creative and embrace your wild side too- everybody has one! I can guarantee you that after you`ve tried these tricks, you will achieve the best selfie ever and improve your social media presence altogether. And remember that a great picture can convert your followers to members