Fashion Week is not the only trend you should keep an eye out for. While it might seem quite mind-boggling to consider sexual fetishes as in vogue movements that undergo fluctuations every year – just like fashion does – the reality is that the sexual spectrum has concepts and practices that can bleed into the mainstream. Since top-dollar camming sessions revolve around authenticity and intimacy, it only makes sense to look into the camming niches and incorporate them into your shows. 

Everybody has a fetish – whether you’re into feet, SPH or like to watch people eat an outrageous amount of food. Research done by the Journal of Sex Research shows that one in every six people have indulged at least once in their sexual fetish. While mainstream porn often covers most kinks that are out there, there are a few fairly unique fetishes that cannot be satisfied through simply watching porn – and that’s where you come in. So here’s the knowledge you need before you dive into the world of fetishes. 

camming niches

Go commando with JOI 

Since COVID started flourishing on all of the five continents, we’ve been searching for tips, tricks and ways to survive the stress and strains of this unprecedented era. While the past two years have been quite outlandish, we’ve gone through a reset through learning how to reconnect with one another in the absence of physical closeness. 

Finding new ways to keep cool and reduce sexual anxiety was our main goal in order to remain sane. That’s how sexual mindfulness was born. Rendered as the concept of bringing sex-positive meditation in the bedroom, this uncommon type of mindfulness has jumped on the bandwagon of kinky trends. 

In the business of intimacy, this could easily be translated into jerk off instructions aka JOI. This category is featured on most of the streaming websites with browsable niches. For this fetish, you instruct users on how, when and where to masturbate. If you give this a “sexual mindfulness” spin, you can guide them through their breathing to relax, telling them how to slowly touch themselves and take a moment to appreciate every sensation.

Did anybody say cosplay galore? 

We all know it since most of us stumbled way too many times on random OF models doing a Sailor Moon cosplay. But having a look at the rise of game sales’ surges and the number of individuals who do gaming streams on Twitch as a living, you could spice the whole cosplay thing up. The kinky dress-up game has been here for a while, but with the increasing number of platforms that have integrated the gaming functionality features, it is set to take a toll on the fetish trends. 

That way, members are able to talk and interact with their favourite gaming characters and whatever else comes up under that tag. Lara Croft? Yes, please! Sonya Blade? Where do I sign up already? This type of niche has a lot of potential, but when we say potential we don’t talk about quantity. Don’t expect a dynamic traffic, but expect members who are very much invested in this type of cosplay – and also who, mind you, are ready to spend some generous sums on their favourite characters. 

camming niches

The money feet walk 

Apart from standing or walking did you know that you can earn money showing people your legs? Everyone has his or her own idiosyncrasies when it comes to sex, and for some, it’s all about the feet. Feet never get old and the demand for it only keeps rising. Those toes and feet can easily shift from part of your anatomy into the ultimate money making machine. Foot fetish is so popular that it there is a joke that floats around in mainstream media about “selling feet pics for quick cash”.

You can tease people with your breasts/ass, but does the same apply with feet? Definitely! If you know enough about your customer and what it is they like about your feet you can use this to your advantage to become a masterful foot tease. For example: if they like socks and the soles of your feet, slowly taking off a sock with the camera focused on the sole of your foot can do wonders for teasing a customer with your feet.

Hopefully, these niches will lead you to attract new audiences, not to mention bringing you a touch of joy. Now go and niche it out!