If the thought of chatting makes you smile, whether you’ve heard from friends or social media ads have served their purpose, or you just think it’s a good idea, if you find yourself in one of the situations below, we do not recommend you to start a career.

You want a lot of money in a very short time

If your dream is to work for two months, save enough money to live a quiet whole life without doing anything, you may be the lucky one, but the chances are pretty small – that’s the truth. Indeed, you will have a much higher income than if you had another job, but those tens of thousands of euros are not made in one night, they are the result of perseverance, the desire to learn and the availability to leave the comfort zone. Come with high expectations, but not the realm of the fantastic because, in the end,
this will bring you nothing more than frustration and disappointment in your life.

You want only easy money

Learn to rely on yourself, life has probably tried you several times and you have realized that you can only trust yourself. So it is in this case, rather learn to be independent, follow a financial education and you will always be able to live well. Understand that whenever you rely on others you are in their hands, focus on yourself if you want to achieve success.
It wouldn’t be a problem to live the other way, but our goal is to make you a better person.

You don’t think it’s a career

Believe it or not, to reach the results you dream of and see online, don’t think that you can only work one hour a day once every few days and still all members will crawl after you. Perseverance is the key, you must have a stable schedule. In whatever field you work, you cannot excel without the dedication and hard work. You must treat this job like any other, you have a program, you have to set some goals, that’s the only way you will grow. Focus and consider this job as your personal business.

You don’t know how to manage your money

You will reach the point where the money you have now will double, triple, or even more. You need to know how to handle the situation so as not to hurt yourself.
Always consider the fact that it is good to have money invested, but also saved. As long as you see your interest, you can help yourself to have an independent life.
We know that that pair of sneakers, that jacket or that bracelet are almost vital at the moment, but after you buy them, make sure you still have some money saved.

Bonus : Why start chatting!

If you want to discover yourself, to get out of the comfort zone and to start to have some considerable income, yes, this job is for you. If you are willing to work, to focus on your interest and to develop you are on the right track. You will find that you have the opportunity to evolve and to know how to manage all kinds of situations.