Nobody’s perfect and that’s ok. Which is why it’s ok if somewhere down the road you make mistakes, as long as you learn from them. The same goes for your career. This is also how you learn when you do camming. Trial and error is your best friend. 

Still, you might be wondering what you’re doing wrong that you have no members or low earnings. Well, we’re here to help you! 

So here are 3 mistakes that make you earn less, you should stop making!

You are too stressed out 

Some amount of stress is normal at any job but it shouldn’t happen every day as that could really get in the way of you working right. But if you really feel overwhelmed, you can always talk with the team at the studio you’re working for or even go to a camming forum to chat to other cam models and share with them how you feel. They are after all the best people to understand your situation. 

After that you can focus again on your members and show them you are there for them.

3 mistakes
Young serious brunette woman stands crossed arms indoor, complains about being offended, displeased with unfair life, pouts lips and frowns face, wears casual turtleneck looks with offence and disdain

You’re not being yourself

There is this big temptation to look at what other models are doing and then trying to copy them. But that is almost always a recipe for failure.  You can always be yourself and you should always be that. Why? Because members can tell when you fake it and that holds true in life in general. When you try to be someone you’re not, it shows.

Try to always be honest and true to yourself. Members love to know the real you and see what you’re doing on camera and what you’re coming up with, not what you copied from somewhere else.

You’re not working on your image 

In camming image is everything and how you present yourself can make or break your model career. It’s only natural then that you should cultivate your image. That is to say, don’t be obsessed with it but maintain a healthy and beautiful appearance. 

Have your nails and hair done, buy those new clothes, put on that makeup. But, do keep in mind that it’s not only about how you look but this is part of a bigger package.  Seduction is also about how you talk.  So your image then is everything that makes you, you, and that sets you apart from other models.

Keep it simple, keep it classy.