One of the most asked questions is about motivation. How can you keep positive on a slow day, not lose your focus, and want to log off? In this article, you will find 3 tips for a slow day that you can use.

Many successful models can tell you that not every day is filled with privates, members to talk to and activity that makes you feel like time passes in a flash. On the contrary, there are days that you feel like nothing that you are doing works, that people just aren’t interested and that you are wasting your time and losing motivation. Hence my first tip, as silly as it might sound is:

1. Do something out of character for you!

Members get used to the personality, quirks, and actions of a model. And not only them, but you do as well. You go online and you mostly know what the day will bring you- you’ll log in, put some music on and start engaging your members. Though this routine is good for you and your audience, sometimes you need to spice things up.
Listen to a different type of music, broach topics of conversation that you haven’t used before, be more daring if you are a bit more reserved, or do the opposite if your personality is very outgoing.
Offer the members and yourself the possibility to see a different side of yourself. You’ll discover that you might like some of the new things you try and that you will attract new members that might have been interested and this “new you” was the push they needed to say “I like this girl, I’ll stay awhile and I’ll come back again”.

2. Talk to guests!

Yes, I see you! I know that you rarely talk to guests unless you remember their nicknames. Don’t worry you are not the only one, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.
I am sure you’ve been told before that guests might be members that choose not to log into their accounts and prefer to visit you anonymously to see just what you are up to when you don’t see them in your room.
Of course not all your guests are members, but therein lays your opportunity to make a slow day a better one. Guests usually want to engage with models, maybe they want to create an account but they are not sure that the site you are on is the best for them. You can be the  deciding factor. You can make them create an account, and usually that brings you benefits as well.

First, most sites reward you when you convert guests, and second, you’ll have someone to talk to and you won’t get bored and lose motivation.

3. Use Social Media to bring traffic to your room!

Log off, take a break, and make a video letting your followers know that you are online and post it on your social media accounts.
I know you post on your personal accounts so why not post on your model accounts as well? Your followers are curious to know what happens in your daily life and if you feed that curiosity they would be more enticed to come to your room and spend time with you.
Let them see parts of the real you and they will gladly want to know more and since the easiest way to get access to you is through your streaming they most assuredly will take advantage of that avenue. Hence more traffic, your day will pick up and you won’t lose your motivation because you’ll have more people to interact with: your followers and also other social media users that might discover you that very day!

So here are 3 tips on how to behave on a slow day and not lose your motivation. It all depends on you and your willingness to keep a positive attitude and give your best. Making use of these tips won’t hurt either.