Camming is about communication. I know that, you know that, and everyone who’s ever been on a camming site knows that good communication is key to a good and steady stream of income if you are a camming model. But what if you are not fluent in English or if English is not your first language? Can that interfere with how much money will you make as a model? Let’s talk about how improving your English level can boost your income as a model, regardless of your time working in this field.

First thing first, if you don’t know English you don’t have to be discouraged, but rather determined. I say this because there are lots of models who started streaming when they didn’t even know anything more than how to say hello, and they’ve made some pretty good money on camgirl sites throughout the years.

And why is that? Well, there’s always a workaround if you don’t know English, and that’s typing and using Google Translate as a tool whenever you hold conversations with your members. Yes, it will be slow, and yes it might not be the best approach to learning English, but it’s a stepping stone toward success in the camming world.

Learning English will make your conversations easier, and most people on these sites have sound on, and they like to hear models talk. So take your time and learn at least a few phrases that you can tell to your audience, and make them sound good. This will entice them and make them want more of you if your voice sounds right. In time your English level will improve and you’ll be able to keep conversations that will increase your income exponentially.

Another aspect in which a good level of English will help you is flirting with members. A lot of people go to camming sites in order to have something that they don’t really have in real life. And flirty conversations can be one of those things. Make sure when improving your English level that you also learn how to flirt in English, because what may sound good in your language might not sound good in English and vice versa.

And now we’re going for the big money. I’m talking about Dirty talk, JOI (Jerk off instructions), and a whole lot more that will bring you a lot of money in private and in free chats. This is something most people who come to camming sites want. They want you to talk dirty, and they will pay hard money if you know how to do it right. They will also want you to give them instructions if we’re talking about submissive guys, and guiding a member through the motions from start to finish will bring you a bigger payout if you do it right.

Now that you know how much difference a good English level will make in your camming career, improve it. We all have things that we can improve, but most importantly in this business, our communication needs to be top-notch. And a girl with a good English level will always make more money in the long run.