Every day is a nightmare to imagine what kind of show you can do to entertain your users, so we will give you 5 tips so you can create new things in each transmission.

What is your personality?

It is important that you know and understands yourself, what is your responsibility? People with their own identities are clear about how they can be creative.

Beyond creativity, your act can stand out with its own light because you know what you want and how to take advantage of it. 

You can use your skills as a dancer, singer, athlete, painter… Everything works the important thing is that you know how to unite your shows with your skills.

What do your users like?

You should learn little by little about what each user who pays for your show likes. It’s important to look at what kind of clothing they prefer or which implements are your audience’s favorites.

Also, it’s key that you ask and talk to them to know what new or creative things they want to see.

Communication and attention are key because they will help you detect what the user wants. Calm down, over time you can sharpen your senses and learn quickly what they want to see of you in the transmission.

Taking advantage of your workspace?

Whether your room or your house is large or small, the important thing is that you know how to take advantage of what you have to your benefit. 

It’s important to recognize your workspace and start looking for the best camera and light that suits your needs and your pocket. Don’t bother to buy the best, start with what you have and gradually improve your tools.

The important thing is that you start, appreciate what you have, and do not make unnecessary expenses until you start to see that this will be your future. When you’re clear, invest and buy the best to stand out.

Planning a good show?

Money, time and organization must be your allies. 

They must have a source of income or savings so you can buy your first accessories or cameras but don’t overdo it. Don’t overpay or spend money you don’t have. Over time, you’ll improve the quality of your transmissions. 

Time is key to creating a good show. You should devote time to creativity and the execution of your ideas. Prepare everything and order each step in the best way. Every excellent show was prepared and thought to go that way. 

Organize your time and your life. If you want to offer great shows you must have time to prepare, see examples, inspire, create, get materials, rehearse, add, remove or improve. 

Every big show needs planning.