Are you dealing, like the rest of us, with self-body image issues? How to stop being self-conscious about your body, it’s the article for your needs.

Being a woman is not easy these days. Social media creates a reality that you could never actually live up to, and this usually brings the feelings of not being good enough, just brings your self-esteem down.

To maintain your mental health and just be yourself without holding back, you should learn how to stop being self-conscious about your body.

Here are a few tips that will definitely help you gain some confidence.


As basic as  this sounds, it’s actually the most important thing, firstly for your health, secondly for your looks.Simply shifting your abdomen into the right place  underneath you rather than arching the back and tilting the hips and tummy forwards will change the way you look immediately.


Associating staying naked with activities that you enjoy doing is a very good exercise for feeling more comfortable. Try doing something that keeps you in your comfort zone, like watching TV, or reading a book while naked, and do it as often as you can. It’s your house, and to feel comfortable with yourself is the first step in feeling confident.

Photograph your journey

 Take photos of yourself throughout the process of loving yourself.

   You can actually make money if you sell nudes.  Be creative, show your favorite features wearing clothes that highlight your favorite parts of yourself

Get used to seeing yourself from different angles, this will actually help discover new things to like about your body, be playful, be creative, be daring. You might even surprise yourself.

Follow body positive accounts

Following people that are not afraid to show their real bodies will change your image of yourself. Social media is more dangerous than seeing perfection in movies or in magazines, because somehow is more personal, more intimate, and it makes us create a comparison between the real us and the social media us.

Loving yourself is a journey, it takes time, and you should have patience and focus on your happiness, when you realize what kind of freedom comes with self-love, there will be nothing stopping you to achieve what you desire.

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