We all know that the internet can be very dark and full of terrors and a model’s free chat is not immune to bullies no matter how sweet, friendly and nice she is to everyone on a daily basis.

So how do you deal with these people who judge you openly, harrass you or just plainly spew insults at you?

Well… not engaging them could be construted as taking the high road and it would probably be for the best. However, there are times when the situation really gets out of control and the bully starts picking out on other people there spoiling the mood in the room.

Now, I am not advising picking a fight with a rude member for whatever reason as a general good practice, but there are times when this can actually work in your favour.

 People are there to have fun and nobody likes a “party pooper”. So making a joke could lighten the mood and put people at ease. Moreover, if you manage to engage in a funny and composed manner, the other members there might appreciate the fact that you are not so easy to push over and it will show that no matter what you are truly a professional. At times, you can even find allies in your room, nice people ready to jump in and defend your “honor”. And it’s nice to know people in your corner who have your back like that.

In the end, “kick” and/or “ban” always work and it’s an elegant way to silence an undesired element in your room. However you choose to deal with it, just remember your ultimate goal there: you are a professional doing their job. Focus on finding solutions rather than getting stuck with an annoying little issue and don’t let it spoil your day. There are plenty of reasons why this job is worth doing 😉 even in spite of these few unpleasant moments.