Because being online for New Year’s can equal a lot of money for you. Plus you will be having fun while also filling your pockets. That’s honestly the best of both worlds, we won’t lie. This way you are going to start 2022 with a wallet full of money and with a smile on your lips, and what’s better than that?

Being online when most aren’t

The first thing you need to think of is how special it’s gonna be for your members that you are online on New Year’s when most models will be off. That extra-special layer of care will surely make them spend time with you and come back. You can even get some new members while you’re at it. As they will search for other models if their regulars are not on. Why not take a bit of advantage with that?

Better traffic

Going back to point one a bit. If most models aren’t on then, especially the top ones. then it stands to reason that all that traffic will come to you. Because it needs to go somewhere right? Use that to make lots of money and increase your member database.

You could really make it special

For New Year’s you can always come up with a special kind of show to surprise your members. This year maybe you can go online with a friend for double the trouble, That way you won’t be alone and you get to have some fun and make some money. Plus, what member wouldn’t want to spend New Year’s with two beautiful women?

new year's
You can always go online with a friend who’s also registered as a model. Double the fun!

You get to try on your new outfits

Think of all the outfits you’ve bought that you haven’t had the chance to show off. Now you can. And you can be as fancy as you want. Go ahead and even buy something newer to parade around. The members will love it and you will feel great and sophisticated. Plus you’ll have some fun.

So you see you have all the reasons and more to be online. There’s everything to gain and nothing to lose. Plus you get to start the new year with a lot more cash. Maybe you can even buy yourself something nice for all the hard work. Still, don’t think of it as work. Think of it as having fun but with your members. Share a glass of champagne, countdown to 2022, and smile!