Yes, you heard that right! Vanesa needs you to listen to her and do what she says. Can you do that? Good! Then you’ve found your perfect girl! Prepare for a lot of passion, romance, and leather and for the best night of your life. Or maybe you want to make it nights or days? Nobody is stopping you. See if you and Vanesa can build a connection and go from there.

See when Vanesa is online and say hi to her. She will more than appreciate it. After all, she does love meeting new people, getting to know their desires and secrets and kinks. So why not share yours? Don’t worry about it though, she can keep a secret just between the two of you. That’s why it’s called private. Haha.

But what about her personality?

Feisty, ambitious, really determined to be the best there is. She will constantly outdo herself and provide the best shows you have ever seen online. Shows so good you will be left wanting more each time you visit. She really is that good at making you come for seconds. Think passion, sexy lingerie, sensual talking, and high heels. Or, you and she can just chat all day long and share a movie or a meal together. As long as you both want the same thing everything goes!

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Doesn’t matter if it’s Instagram or Twitter just follow her there and be the first one to see when she will be online and what she does when she’s not on. Maybe see what outfits she is preparing for her next show or what shoes she wants to buy to make it even hotter. Decide on the heels, on the sexy lingerie, and then see it all for you in a private show. It’s up to you!

listen to her