Boys and girls, cam girls and members, you can all brace yourselves – winter is coming. ‘Tis the season to be jolly and spice up your camming calendar with some creative cam shows and ground-breaking ways of interacting with your members. Yes, you might feel buried under the pressure of wrapping up gifts, planning family events and adding new tunes to your Christmas playlist, but this time of the year is one of the most fruitful season for your camming career. Holiday-themed shows can take different shapes and sizes – from opening up presents online to playing games and being innovative when it comes to creating content for your fans. 

As snowstorms blanket the northern hemisphere and COVID-19 seems far to be done with, most website members will feel more inclined to clicking on your chat room than adding a plane ticket to their cart. It takes a lot of self-discipline, double espressos and well-planned agenda to find your balance between your online persona life and family events – but it is not impossible. Winter is coming… and your fans will too with these ideas for spicing up other things on Christmas besides the turkey. 

Holiday-themed shows

Add a little bit of gratitude to your feast

Kind of ironic, but whenever 1st of December hits it’s like the spirit of gratitude starts living inside our minds 24/7 without paying any rent. We splurge more, feel more inclined to buy gifts for no specific reason and, thanks to the way too many family gatherings, eat outrageous amounts of food. Consider yourself lucky if you receive an annoying amount of text messages with invitations to family dinners – if you get to experience that, that doesn’t mean the rule applies to everyone. 

Some of these people are amongst your members, too. So why not host a Christmas-themed feast? By that, I don’t necessarily mean to bring out the raising pudding and roast beef and ask your members if they want another slice – get creative with this idea. A way to go around it would be to create a goal “menu”, with items like cranberry sauce, stuffing and apple pie and set them at different prices for different acts. That way, your members are able to unlock various courses and appetizers – in the mood for turkey, anyone? Once the whole feast is unbuttoned, the proper show can commence. Bon appétit!

Are you on the naughty list? 

Is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t look forward to unwrapping the Christmas presents? The Christmas morning, filled up with the smell and freshly baked cookies while the whole family is gathering around the Christmas three in their reindeer-themed PJs – I dare you to find another scenario that feels as wholesome as this one. But this heart-warming event can be shared with other people too, besides your relatives. You got it right, you can do a session of unwrapping presents in front of your members. 

There are two ways in which you can do this – either you open up your presents in front of them or set up an Amazon wishlist so that your members can spoil you. You can put whatever you want on it – from technical equipment to lingerie, dildos and everything in between. Once you receive the items you have been eyeing for so long, wrap them in present paper and open them while livestreaming. Don’t forget to send a warm “thank you” to every member that invested time, money and gratitude into your gift. 

Holiday-themed shows

Holiday-themed shows are the way to go 

Another great way to maximise your earnings and put every member that click on your chat room in the Christmas spirit is to create themed tier pricing. Level up your basic tiers and make it more Christmasy by giving them names that are somehow related to the holiday season. You can get really creative with it – from carols and holiday emotions such as joyful to Santa’s little helpers. In order to make it a little bit more exciting, you can add a little raffle vibe to it. Each tier should unlock something exclusive – a fan club membership or one-month access to all of your videos. That will give your members an incentive to join the game. 

When planning out your camming calendar for December, remember that besides being creative, you also have to listen very carefully to your audience’s needs. They are the individuals that you mostly rely on, so just make sure that whatever you come up with, they are going to enjoy it to say the least.Not every show idea has been a success, but I always learn something new and adjust it for the future. Remember: just be patient. It takes time and energy, but your success will come.