It’s all about priorities. About the way, you choose to organize your life. Every choice you make leads to results. The same thing happens in this case. This is the time of year when if you are a camgirl, you have to make some choices. You have to weigh everything and choose what is most important to you.

It’s a good time for a lot of people to choose not to work, so it’s a great time to assert yourself on the site where you work. At the same time, there are few people on the site, but many members, we can say that there will be some revenue to match. However, there are several things you can take advantage of.

Bonding with members

Many members are on the site during this period due to the fact that they have no one to spend Christmas with. And here you come. It is a good time to get closer to them, to share a valuable moment for your relationship, but more than that, you will create the habit! You may not realize what power you have over your members. Make them think they should always talk to you. How do you do that? Through repetition. If you really want to achieve success, you need a lot of perseverance. Talk to members in your spare time. Show them what your normal life is like. Send them pictures and show them what you eat, where you drink your coffee, how the traffic is.

Everything must be exactly like in a normal relationship. Think about what you would share daily with your boyfriend, so it should be with the members. You will see that in time they will become so accustomed to talking to you that they will rarely be absent from your room.


We are human, and basically, no matter how hard we try to hide, the first impression is the one that separates the people we want or don’t want to talk to. It is not something hypocritical, it is not a lie, it is pure truth and there is nothing wrong with that. Normally, the interior matters, but that’s another discussion. What is the connection? The pictures you have are your business card, your first interaction with the members, the reason why they want to click.

The pictures must always represent you, but always make sure they are of the best quality so that you have the expected success. Adapt to the holidays and the most important thing would be to have their pictures posted some time before so that members know that you will be online at that time. Try to combine the useful with the pleasant and festively decorate your room, but you can have very sexy lingerie. You will give the impression of a family atmosphere, but tho so hot.

It’s a good time to increase your earnings if you see this in the short term, but it’s an ideal time to build strong relationships with your members, relationships that will help you in the future. The fact that they will become your regular members, the fact that they will always help you because in these moments you were the one who was with them. It’s normal, it’s a difficult decision, but you always have to think from several perspectives.