Blair the belle! You better be careful who you play because you might just fall in love with this siren. Hear her sing her song and woo you into her embrace. Temptation just never looked sweeter, did it? Then go ahead and indulge yourself! Blair won’t mind. In fact, she dares you too! Do you feel up to the challenge?

Still, it’s not only about looks here. Blair is also very smart and charming. She can be a good conversation partner and cheer you up when you need it or she can seduce you into an erotic play. The choice is all yours but it depends on her mood too. So try and get on her good or naughty side and see how it goes.

Now, let’s do a mental exercise. Say you come home and you find Blair like this on the stairs waiting for you? What would you do? Don’t tell us here. Go visit her room and tell her in person. Describe your fantasy and then let her make it real. Tonight can be all about you. Then it can be all about her pleasure. Go back and forth and build the chemistry.

Now, with this picture in mind what is your next move? Think about it, watch Blair, talk to her grab that smile from her, then decide. You don’t have to rush such an important decision but you have to make it. After all, she won’t wait forever champ! It’s all about being bold and going after who you want. And it you want Blair in your life then you better act fast!

Keep in touch with Blair!

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