You’ve booked your flight, picked the hotel with the most jaw-dropping view, sent that “I am out of office” email and put so many clothes in the suitcase that the zipper almost broke – it’s vacay time… or should we call it travel stream time? If you are a fellow member of the camming universe, besides contemplating on what you are going to visit and how many cocktails it is acceptable to drink during mid-day sunbathing, you are also going to think about keeping your stream quality. If it is either a spontaneous trip or a holiday whose itinerary you have meticulously planned for months, you can’t choose between business and pleasure when travelling – you have to mix both. 

As you might all know already, taking some time offline to disconnect and recharge is never 100% offline. The good, old cliche is very much true – it would be an understatement to label holidays as both highly beneficial and much needed. But your top spender member might disappear into thin air if you go MIA for longer than 48 hours. And you can place your bet that the other users, who have an ingrained habit of visiting your room, will find another model to spend their payroll with if you don’t send them messages as often as you would do with your lover. 

Look at the bright side of things – that flabbergasting and exotic scenery is often a remarkable force for creative inspiration that a cam model is more than capable to take advantage of. Having a date with your users on a Parisian terrace, dressed in a pitch-black, silky dress while sipping on a fruity and damn expensive wine? Yes, sir! What about a cam cabana in nude-friendly beach resort? Sounds like the type of ace everybody wants to have up their sleeve. The myriad of adult travels can be infinite if you are creative enough – especially after a year of COVID cabin fever. So why not take your show on the road and embrace the adventure? 

travel stream

Um, but is it legal? 

It is a widely-known fact that not all countries have a permissive approach towards porn and sex work. If you pirated a Brazzers video in China and got caught, you would most probably go to jail for not settling for their way-too-blurred version of porn. Not to mention that if you are going to tell that cute cashier in Dubai Mall that you are a cam girl, you are most likely going to get beheaded (just kidding, you are still going to jail, but it is still bad). 

For your own safety, it is better to be safe than sorry. Familiarize yourself with the laws of the land you intended to visit – yes, it is an extremely tedious task to do, but it is absolutely necessary. If you have a troublesome teenager alter-ego that takes the wheel sometimes, try to leave that at home – rule number one on a vacay is to avoid getting in trouble with the local authorities, even inadvertently. Moral of the story? Use common sense and stay safe online by not disclosing one too many details about where you are. 

travel stream

Don’t leave technology at home

You might easily shift from the queen of palm trees to the queen of buffering if the Airbnb or hotel you rented doesn’t have a high connection speed conducive to streaming. Be smart and anticipate any technology impediment that might arise during your get away – make sure you let your fans and regulars know in advance. 

Ensure your own connectivity to the camming kingdom. Why not bring your own modem, GorillaPod-type tripod and ring light too? You might have to pack less clothes and face serums, but it will be all worth it in the end. Also, don’t forget to charge your portable batteries because no matter how advanced your phone is, live streaming will finish your battery off faster than you can undress. 

Openly embrace travel stream

As mentioned from the very start, travel is mostly about bringing the unexpected into your life, while allowing it to ignite your creativity. Don’t stress yourself into oblivion over what you have no control over. If you find yourself bogged down by technical issues or cannot safely cam at your destination, don’t push it. Graciously communicate with your regulars, though, and explain what’s up and when you’ll be back at full streaming capacity. Also, even when you aren’t streaming live, take pictures — and we mean of the clothed, PG variety too!