The erotic show is an important part of any cam model’s streaming activity. So let’s jump right into it. The first thing one should bare in mind is the fact that this interaction is first and foremost entertainment so, even though, the member will possibly not take notice of all the small details he will surely appreciate your attention to it.

1. Positions

The easy way out is just to sit facing the camera with your legs spread open and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Your body is showing and your member can get access to this beautiful view of a woman pleasuring herself. However… that is the missionary of camming so why not mix it up a bit? Remember that eroticism is not reduced to simply exposing intimate body parts. It is form and movement and acting out (in this case) pleasure. Try doggy either facing towards the camera or from it, BUT make sure that you position yourself in a diagonal from the camera because that way your entire body and curves can be seen, the movement is more dynamic and – most importantly – you can watch your screen and make eye contact with the camera.

2. Angles

Point of view helps the imagination so don’t be afraid to play with that. Go below your camera when performing a BJ so the member can actually look at you as he would in real life. Place your camera on the bed and play with yourself by giving a perception from below. It’s not only different, but entertaining as well. Use your mirror and give your member the feeling he is having a threesome where two beautiful women mirror each other movement.

3. Take control

Don’t be afraid to take control.This game is about interaction and usually during an erotic show the member’s hands are busy elsewhere. So if the directions are slow to appear, take control. Do your own thing. I promise you, the members will love it and come back for more.

4. Facial expressions

Look at it from this perspective – porn is everywhere and free so what the videochat users are after is genuine interaction, seeing they provoked a reaction, pleasuring a woman they wouldn’t get in their real life. Acting out pleasure is your best asset and your biggest strength. Watch erotica, study yourself in the mirror and make the most of it. A woman in the thralls of climax is the best sight a member could hope for, especially when they think they are responsible for it.

5. Have fun with it

This might be a little tricky, given that you have to be the queen of multitasking and still be a great actress, BUT if you manage to make it light, and fun and look easy for you, you will win this game. Don’t force it, keep it fluid and entertaining and you will give your members an experience they won’t soon forget.

On a more or less conscious level, you probably are already doing some or all of these. But now, that you are aware of these little tips and tricks, undoubtedly they will help you deliver the best erotic show possible. And that only brings out satisfactions… for both parties 😉