Fiery brunette? Passionate? Always up for a challenge? That’s Maya! She lives to dare herself and try new things and so far it has only worked wonders for her. She might be the new girl next door but she knows a thing or two about making your fantasies come true.

All you need to do is imagine your perfect kinky scenario and then talk it over with Maya. She has a knack for bringing things to life and we’re sure she will be the right girl for you. Given her nature, you can also play games together. Truth or dare, never have I ever, doesn’t really matter as long as you’re having fun right?

You pick the entertainment, she picks the wine and you’ve got yourself a date to remember. Or maybe you two want to get frisky and leave the pleasantries for another time. That works too. Provided you charm her first.

She might be the new girl but she’ll surprise you

Don’t be fooled though. Maya really knows what’s up and how to surprise you in the best possible way. Furthermore, she likes giving a twist to any fantasy you might have. Really bringing that something new to the table. After all, keeping it vanilla is a little boring and she dislikes boring.

But, you may be wondering, what is Maya like? Well, to answer that…she is well-mannered, well-spoken, sophisticated, with a mad passion for travelling and sightseeing. Being up in the air is what she likes most but you can get her up too. Wink wink!

Say hello and build a connection

new girl

Sometimes when you know you know. So if you feel like there’s something special about Maya and that you’d like to get to know her better then you should do it. What’s more, you should go ahead and DM her right now! You can find her mostly on Instagram or Twitter creating new content. Don’t worry! She will love to hear from you!

Careful to not get addicted though. Maya has that effect on people!