Camming is definitely not an easy job, but it can also be quite a lot of fun if you know how to find enjoyment in it. You can do a lot of interesting things if you work in this industry, a lot of diverse opportunities and new people to enjoy. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, and there are hardships. That, however, is something that comes with any job. All workplaces have advantages and disadvantages.

I’m here to talk a bit about those, and to offer you an inside look into camming. If you decide to become a cam model, you need to keep in mind that you will have good days and bad days. You definitely won’t get rich overnight, because camming requires effort. You will have days when you earn a ton of money and will feel like you’re in heaven. But you’re also going to have days where your room will feel like a ghost town: deserted, with no one there to keep you company, or, at least, no one to spend money.

That will feel like a very long day unless you have some solutions to it. Don’t get discouraged, even if things seem to be going really badly. If there’s no one to entertain you, entertain yourself. Go crazy, put on some wild music, dance around the room, do something out of the ordinary. Your room, your rules, and this might actually attract visitors.

A lot of people might come just because you’re doing something new, and completely different from the others, so why not let loose, and enjoy yourself? Keep in mind that, while this is a job, that implies hard work, it can be something more than that. As a cam model, you are a star. It can be a very glam life if you want to make it so, somewhere to be appreciated and complimented.

There’s no reason not to enjoy being a bit spoiled by your fans, to live it big, to feel like the center of the universe. It can be incredibly fun and be empowering to think about it like this: your room is your domain, and you get to make the rules, to set the mood, to entertain in any way you want. That way, it’s fairly easy to keep your optimism and push through any harder times. And who doesn’t want to feel like a star?

An inside look into the camming world

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One of the best things about being a cam model is, of course, being your own boss. Independence is something that should be highly valued and appreciated. I certainly love that I took my life into my own hands, and I’m doing what I want and what I like. This job should be treated like a business (a very entertaining one, but still a business) and, if you do that, you’ll manage to make good money, and to fulfill your goals and dreams. This is why, however, it is important to actually commit to being a cam model. And that’s definitely something to keep in mind when deciding to enter the industry: how much time and effort you’re willing to invest.

Open-mindedness is a must, really. You’ll meet a lot of different people, with a lot of different preferences, some of those might seem very weird to you, and, obviously, you have the right to refuse any requests you are not comfortable with, but, at the same time, being judgmental isn’t going to bring you members. Unless, of course, they’re into humiliation, but that’s another story. There is also no reason to be ashamed by working in this industry and, should you decide to quit, it shouldn’t be an impediment to getting other jobs. Sure, some employers might be more conservative than others, but it’s not like being a camgirl doesn’t offer you any good work experience.

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You’ll learn to interact with people from all over the world, with different personalities, you’ll learn how to be an entertainer, you’ll learn to be a good listener. All these are incredibly useful professional (and personal) skills. And, if after I gave you this inside look into camming, you’re still undecided, take my advice: listen to your instincts. Take it slow, have a lot of introspective moments, talk to yourself. Really think it through, and then, why not, take a chance.

You might end up being pleasantly surprised. This is not a comprehensive inside look into camming, of course, It’s just a couple of useful bits of advice, experiences, and thoughts, that will hopefully shed a bit of light on an industry that is, a lot of times, either completely unknown or treated with extreme prejudice. Hopefully, you’ll take something good and helpful out of all of this.