We know you love checking out the horoscope from time to time and how fun that can be. And we’re sure you’re curious what your own zodiac sign says about you as a model and how you can use that to cam better. Well, have no fear, we are here to help.

Below you will find some funny and insightful and probably thought-provoking knowledge about you as a model. Maybe it will make your day better!


You can be a bit hotheaded on cam but with that also comes a passion and determination that few have and you can use that to your advantage. If members see you love what you do then they’ll love spending time with you. Obviously being an Aries means you’re not afraid to speak your mind but that’s not a problem. Members will like your honesty and straightforwardness because it means you both can get straight to business. So keep on doing what you do!

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You have a regal quality about you. Everything you do, you do with style and grace. Members will be mesmerized by you and how you move about on camera. There’s always an elegance about you and the way you carry yourself. Still, don’t forget that you can also be a bit stubborn and set in your ways that will not always play in your favour. Know when to make a compromise.

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The star of the zodiac for a reason. You Gemini can do it all. You are a multi-talented model who is great at multi-tasking. But your best quality is your smartness. You can hold the best conversations that can really play the role of good foreplay. Furthermore, you never shy away from a new experience and are always ready to try something new if it means spicing up things. Members will be drawn to your sense of adventure.

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A bit shy at first, you Cancer are the type of model who needs a bit of time to bloom and really feel great on camera. But once you do everyone else must get out of your way. You will take the stage and wow everyone. Your kindness, sweetness, and attention to detail is what will make members flock to you

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Fiercely proud and confident, you Leo, really put the star in starlet. You shine brighter than all the others and you’re honestly one heck of an entertainer too. Always coming up with new ideas, changing outfits at the drop of hat and surprising your members when they least expect it. But what draws them in is your joy. You are vivacious, theatrical, and passionate and you love to bask in the spotlight.

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With you, dear Virgo, everything has to be perfect and that includes your show and your room. Members love that about you because you always bring your A-game no matter what and it shows. Your privates really have no match even though they come at a price. And you’re also not easy to please but boy it is worth it when someone knows just how to push your buttons. Remember that you also know exactly how to push someone else’s buttons in just the way they like so use that.

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You’re all about balance, harmony and peace. Your members come to you to have a good time, relax, and find some peace of mind. You really do know how to create a safe space for you and others to enjoy. Still, you are extroverted when you need to and you know all the good conversation starters. Your strong suit however is your charm and ability to persuade members to do as you please.

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Did somebody say loyal? That’s where you come in dear Scorpio. You are loyal to a fault and you put all your best efforts into showing that to your members. Make no mistake, they notice right away. You also stand for your beliefs and feel no need for anyone’s approval which can help you greatly. How? You won’t hunt for members’ approval but they will be charmed to hunt for yours. Because once you’re in a Scorpio’s graces you’re in heaven!

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Always the adventurous one, you never get sick of discovering new members. As each and every one of them can lead to a wonderful, unknown world full of potential. And you’ve got the patience for it too. But that’s not all there is to you. You’re also a fast learner and you like to expand your knowledge and your toy and clothes closet. Members like you for your crazy clothes, creative sex toys and the courage to go where no model dears to go.

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Ambition, this is the word for you! Whatever you put your mind to you accomplish and then some. There’s no feat too big, no order too tall. Hardworking to a fault, you will spend a lot of hours online just to make sure you do everything right and because you enjoy it so much. You are also extremely enthusiastic and love to live life to the fullest whatever that means for you.

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Optimistic to a fault, this is totally you! Always seeing the glass half full is what makes you a good model. Because you never get down if things don’t really go your way. No! You gather your strength and make the best out of any situation. When members come into your room they see your bright smile and happy demeanour and know they’re in for a good time and some good vibes. You are very forward-thinking and really want to make the world a better place but a better start with your room.

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This zodiac sign is the most in tune with their emotions. That pretty much describes you to a T. You’re sensitive, creative and imaginative which for you as a model is a big, big plus. You can come up with lots of wild scenarios for your members to enjoy but your creativity is more than that. Your room also has your personal touch so that members can learn more about your colourful personality. But most of all you are pleasure-seeking and that is something that you need while camming and it is your advantage alone, dear Pisces, so use it wisely.

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