Picture this: You are a young man, you see Selena for the first time. She is the blonde after whom all your colleagues turn their heads. She’s a little crazy. Talks a lot. She’s funny, and she’s got some hidden tattoos that we’re all going to kill to see. A little bit crazy, a little bit nasty. It has a little bit of everything you could want.

Sociable, she immediately makes friends, is attractive, but that bit of craziness spices up things.

Attitude? She got it all

You know, is like in life, you either love her, either hate her. Joking, you’re going to fall for her. She knows how to talk to you, she knows when to be good and shy, but she also knows when to be naughty. Moreover, Selena is exactly the kind of person who makes you talk. It is a perfect relationship between attitude and appearance.

First, you go for the look and then you go for her mind. As you can see, she likes it spicy. Be prepared for anything, and most importantly, don’t settle for less. Also, there is always room for more! She got that kind of body that makes you think. To think about what you would do to her and how you would do. Also, she is soft, tiny, but a beast in the sheets.

Real-Life baddie

A person next to whom you can’t get bored. Selena is the girl with whom you can make a friendship, but one with benefits. She’s funny, she’s a bit crazy, you never know what to expect. Moreover, her presence makes you want to be alone with her. She is one of a kind. Selena is a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to approach a man that she finds attractive.

Her confidence is evident without being overly cocky. She’s more “clever” than “brilliant.” Also, she’s open-minded and willing to try new things. She’s also firm and stands up for what she believes in and doesn’t let people walk all over her, despite her kind demeanour. She also loves animals. She’s very feminine, though not ditzy or daft.

How is her content?

She is just built a different man. Whether you’re talking about a bunch of nudes, or you’re talking about a show, you’ll be completely amazed. Also, she is flexible, she is naughty. Selena is bold, she knows how to use her strengths and highlight them. You may see that Selena looks like you don’t see anyone every day. She can be classified as an “inked hottie”. Also, she is kinky, but can also mould to your type. Selena is not inhibited and will never disappoint you.

What should you do? Try! To experiment, to enjoy everything that happens to you. You can have some amazing days or nights with her (totally up to you). Selena is there, you just have to ask. So if this didn’t convince you, she will totally do it. Have fun!