You’re someone who’s bored of the plain old job where you work your ass off in order to make a living and the cost of life right now has went through the roof without a pay increase?
You want a new revenue source ’cause the daily spending keeps on increasing month by month and you can’t keep up?
You have a passion but you don’t have the resources to follow up with it because your mundane job doesn’t pay you enough?

Say no more girl! We as camgirls have all been in one of these situations one way or another and have felt what you might feel right now. So don’t be scared or discouraged, because this article is here for you to introduce you to the world of Camming. I’ve got some tips and tricks for beginners, so buckle up and stay until the end because I will share with you some of the best tips a newbie can get!

Social Media – What to do and why

Personal Social Media accounts? Private or deleted. Yes, you’ve heard that right, your socials need to be set on private, and if you’re using your full first and last name on Facebook, from now on, don’t. Maybe you ask yourself “why do I have to do this?”, and I’ll explain in a second.
A big problem with the camming world is that someone can get a hold of your first and last name and maybe post some photos/screenshots/videos or whatever of you on some shady sites where the support doesn’t help you remove them. This ultimately means that if someone will google your real name they could see your lady bits in full HD for free, and that can potentially harm you later on in life. So it’s better to have some precautions in place.
Create a Twitter account to promote yourself and a OnlyFans (or related content creation platform) account in order to sell content to people that want to see you even when you’re off cam, because that can also generate some revenue without any hassle.
Twitter is the absolute best platform to use if you are a camgirl because you can use it to announce your followers or members that you will be online or post updates about your camming life. Best here is to create content that you would only post here and never mix it up with your personal life, because Google Image search exists.

New Model Status – Something amazing you should take advantage of

The perks you get from this are similar on different cam sites and in general they are all about that extra exposure you get for an amount of time.

For some sites may be some hours of Broadcasting, for some may be the first 7, 15 or 30 days since you created your account and logged in. Whatever it is, a tag or a section for new models, every site has this implemented for an x amount of time.

You have to take advantage of this, as you will be placed higher in the list of models and more people will join your room to see what this “new girl” is all about. So log in, chat with your members and try to get as many people as you can to turn into your regulars that spend.

Remember that the New Model Status in not a make or break, so if you don’t make it in that time doesn’t mean you will not make it at all. It’s just a boost to help you get members, but that can happen in the long run too, so be patient, because for some this might not bring the right customers anyway.

Room topics and goals – How to

For the room topic you can be as creative as you want but as a starting point, you can have something like this: three goals that progressively increase the amount of tips needed in order to get fulfilled by your members, and for each goal a reward in the form of an action that you make to please your audience. And I’ll leave an example below:
50 Tokens – Spank my ass / 300 Tokens – Take my top off / 600 Tokens – Birthday suit / 900 Tokens Orgasm with me
Now that you have a basic idea of what you can charge for, you can pick and choose what to put in your topic and goal for the room. The options here are endless, and you’d be surprised what people will tip for.

What to do next?

So, it is important that when you want to get started as a webcam girl, you have a number of things in place in terms of equipment, to be able to generate income. We will talk about that in another article, but until then, learn these tips and tricks and start up your accounts. See you next time!