Explore the health and personal benefits of masturbation.

With all due respect to the legendary Beatles, I’d like to make a slight alteration to the title, and lyrics, of their famous song by adding one simple word: “All you need is self-love.”
Masturbation is not only the safest activity you can engage in but has loads of other pleasurable benefits as well.

Here are the top ten of which I’m going to share with you right now. So sit comfortably and enjoy.

1: Get Those Juices Flowing
For the first of our ten, I want to talk about how masturbation is a sure way to get all kinds of happy-making endorphins flowing.
Partner sex can do this as well, though what makes masturbation extra-good for this is you can slow down, speed up, or change your self-pleasuring however you want, doubly so if you’re using a sex toy will be more amazing.

2: Masturbating Helps You Sleep
Along with releasing endorphins, a before-bed time of self-pleasure also helps to wash away stresses and tensions to allow you to get a good night’s rest.
It’s particularly great if you have sleep issues. So fire up your favorite sex toy and after a good orgasm, rest easy!

3: Masturbation Can Boost the Immune System
Just like a bowl of homemade chicken soup, masturbation could help battle all kinds of illnesses. A recent study in Germany compared the levels of immune cells in 11 men five minutes after orgasm and found that “components of the innate immune system are activated by sexual arousal and orgasm”. So while we are big fans of soup, when compared with a little “me-time” well, there’s just no comparison.

4: Better Than Dinner and a Movie
Masturbation is amazing for the wonders it does for your body, and orgasms, mustn’t forget those, as it’s also nicely affordable.
Adding a fun toy to kick the experience up it will give you far more than just one night’s pleasure.

5: Masturbation for Orgasm Control
If you feel you might be cumming too fast or too slow, then I recommend good-old masturbation as an excellent way to enhance your orgasmic skills.
What you want to work on is up to you, but no matter what you want to work on, masturbation allows you to observe your body’s reactions, then, armed with this knowledge, use it to develop all kinds of new sexual techniques.

6: Self-Knowledge Is a Beautiful Thing
Staying with self-pleasure as a tool to learn about your body and sexuality, it’s equally fantastic as a tool for self-exploration. And a great way to begin this is by trying out whatever activities happen to tickle your fancy.
Curious about anal play? Intrigued by things like G-spot stimulating toys, clitoral stimulation? There’s a sex toy for that!
And as you experiment, no matter if you like something or not, it all gives you one of the most important things anyone can receive: the gift of sexual self-knowledge!

7: Masturbation Is Safe(r)
The harsh reality of partner sex is even if everyone involved takes precautions, there’s always the possibility that a sexually transmitted infection (STI) could be transmitted or unwanted pregnancy can occur.
Not with masturbation!
And its safety doesn’t stop there, as you can also engage in self-pleasure with a partner and (as long as no bodily fluids are exchanged,) everyone can have as much fun as they want at no risk!

8: More Makes It Better!
There’s more to self-exploration than learning lessons on how you act or react to sexual stimulation, as your body can learn as well!
Consider it like physical training, as the more you put into it the better your body will respond.
So by regularly masturbating, you can get yourself to where it’ll be easier, and quicker, to become physiologically aroused—and orgasm!

9: It’s Empowering
At the core of self-pleasuring, beyond all the reasons I’ve listed here, is it’s all about your needs, your desires, and your pleasures: that you are the center of everything and with that the power of emotional self-love.
In that, by doing whatever makes you feel good, you acknowledge and support the idea that you deserve happiness and as much sexual pleasure as you want.
So love yourself when and however you care to, and while doing it pat yourself on the noggin and say “you deserve this.” Because you absolutely do!

10: No Reason Not To Masturbate
My final reason is to get it on with yourself and to be satisfied, though I’m sad to say it’s still something that a great number of people still struggle with.
To be clear: there’s nothing—at all, ever—wrong with masturbation, and as long as it doesn’t cause physical harm then please yourself and have as much fun as you want!
Fire up some good porn or better get a live experience on some site, make yourself comfortable, charge up your favorite sex toy, apply the lube, and get it on with yourself.
Your mind, body, and your self-esteem will thank you for it.