You probably find yourself sometimes in a situation where the conversation you have with your members can go in a direction you don’t want. Maybe sometimes you feel like you have nothing to talk to them about, so here are some tips on how to level up your conversations with members. Whether you just want to lead the conversation, or you want to know more about how to have a conversation, even though the support team is always there for you, you will see that when you know how to control the conversation, everything will be much better. naturally, and the member to fall in love with your real person.

Get a little out of your skin and look at the other person’s perspective. Have you ever had someone talk endlessly about something you didn’t have the slightest interest in?

Go with the flow

Of course, you won’t start talking about the weather, although if he wants to, it’s completely different, try to approach vague, common topics in order to get to know him better. Ask him where is he from if he likes the place where he lives, how people are and what the environment is like if he could move from there. You can get to talk about the current day, what plans they have for that evening, what they did and what they like to do. Where they see themselves in the future, what they would like to do if they could do anything.

conversations with members

He will show you a new face of him. You will seem interested in his life, and he will appreciate it, many of the members want to have a normal conversation with a beautiful woman.

Play with their minds

Along with body language, the way you speak matters a lot in a conversation. Always try to end with a question to prolong the conversation. It will give you the feeling that you want to know more and more about what he really is. However, try to mould this tactic to the type of member. In the eyes of some, you might just seem insistent.

Ask for his opinion. Give the member the impression that he is choosing. Play with his mind so he can pull his tongue. For example, choose two outfits in advance. Ask the member which one to choose. It will give him the impression that he is in control and that his opinion is everything to you, even though you actually made the choice. Make sure you always have a positive vibe. Look excited and be willing to talk. Nobody likes to beg someone to talk.

Focus on them

What does he really want? You will get to know your members in the true sense of the word. Know exactly what they like, how they like it and when they like it. The more information you gather about the member, the easier it will be for you to be everything he ever wanted. The conversation is sometimes even more important than the physical part. Learn to actively listen, to complete the member’s words, to enter his mind and make him think only of you.

Remember: a good conversation at the right time can completely change your perception of a person.