Could getting a little high take your love life to new heights in the bedroom? The old, good cannabis seems to be a cure-all for everything – especially since half of the USA and a few countries in Europe welcomed it with open arms as a legal, recreational class B drug. Not to mention that products with cannabidiol hit the pharmacy shelves faster than you can say “CBD” and has been spreading like wildfire ever since.

Tingly, feel-good lubes, arousal gels and other sex enhancers are no exception to that – and no people, you and your genitals won’t get high. Products that are widely available for the public usually contain 0.30% THC (THC being the active substance in cannabis that makes you laugh for hours and gives you the munchies). However, we would highly suggest you consult your GP before doing the nitty-gritty and actually investing in a CBD product.

CBD – your on-the-go gateway to setting the mood

Just like natural wine and e-girl makeup, CBD has jumped on the mainstream bandwagon. Let’s get real, it pretty much seems like it has invaded our life. But since its industry was not satisfied with monopolising our lifestyle staples –  from drinks to gummies and socks – hemp treasures are available for our least talked about problems, such as sexual pain or low libido. Due to its compounds, all those horny, promising CBD potions are the key to reducing anxiety (who doesn’t feel the I-am-going-to-have-sex-tonight tension through every muscle?) and muscle pain relief. In all truth, cannabidiol and sex can be viewed as two peas in a pod.

Previous academic studies have shown that cannabis use can result in higher sexual satisfaction and mind-blowing orgasms. So we would seriously advise you to fetch that lube cannon – and make sure it is CBD infused since it is a magic tool that can help get in the le mood while changing your Sahara like ecosystem from down there. 


A high-quality massage… no pun intended 

If you just want to start off by dipping your toes in the sensual side of the world when it comes to CBD, do your initiation ritual via a full-body massage. Suffering from back pain? CBD oil. Dreaming about remarkable anti-inflammatory effects? CBD oil. Desiring to get in the mood while your partner is cracking your backbones? You already know what I am going to say. Most oils feature soothing ingredients like vitamin C and E (which are great for skin rejuvenation), lavender and jojoba oil. Makes you already go bananas over it, doesn’t it? Also, they get extra point for having an I-won’t-forget-this-very-soon type of smell. 

A love potion so good, people are writing books about it 

Adding lube – especially the kind that is packed with let’s feel-good compounds – to the naughty-naughty is like adding Maldon salt atop a hot chocolate chip cookie. Mouth-watering, we know. Think of it as some sort of exotic garnish, used for your lady bits. And who needs Tabasco sauce on the side when the garnish has muscle-relaxing effects? Your va-jay-jay will feel cosier than a fluffy blanket in mid-October and melty like a big hug. Where do we add the cherry on top – their pH is neutral and they are cruelty-free? It will deffo put a spell on both you and your partner. 

If you have been feeling lately that you sex life is just missing something, maybe it is CBD. We all adore and worship intimacy, so why not add to our array of products the ideal bedroom accessory. You can get the most out of every randez-vous with less anxiety, no worries and noooo pain – so why not give it a try, eh?