When you decide to be a cam model, you aim for a glamorous lifestyle full of mystique and opportunities. Choosing this job is life changing. Being a cam model requires time to build your audience, practice and patience on camera to achieve higher payments. There are lots of tricks you can leverage to increase your income. Learn more on 5 steps to create an excellent show.

Although the studio is your workplace, there is a lot you can do outside your working hours to keep building your image as a professional model. In this article I`m not going to talk about the benefits of a studio or the good practices and things you can do while in it. This article aims to encourage you to live a life as a model outside the studio.


The webcam industry pays very well. If you are starting, know that after a couple months you will be able to afford more things. Being persistent for hours in front of the camera and working hard in your image and english language will do the trick. 

Go out shopping and start by improving your wardrobe. Go to some restaurant and take photos of the food ordered. This way you will be able to project a more glamorous image in your social media.


Feeling beautiful and behaving like a star is part of your role as a model. A good activity in your free days that can boost your job would be going to a beauty salon. Enjoy new looks, test different makeup on you and keep your nails decorated. Surely users will appreciate these little details and tip you accordingly to your image. This article: Tips on makeup for cam models give you some important ideas on how important it is to look well.


Asides from having money to go shopping and to the beauty salon, there are plenty of activities you can do that users might find interesting. For example uploading photos from a trip you did, or at the gym will encourage followers to engage. 

To live the dream, and to be recognized as a top model requires a new mindset. Uplift your image through your social media accounts. Gather more and new followers. Become an influencer. Finally, enjoy your time outside the studio and live the life you enrolled for.