Sex toys are the most important tools for any webcam model. In addition, they allow us to know more and enjoy our sexuality ourselves and with our partners. 

It’s important to remember that the implementation of your sex toys in shows can help you improve income, but take care that it’s important to keep them clean.


It doesn’t matter that you don’t share your toys with anyone else. A good cleaning is key so you don’t have any diseases. Remember that fungi and bacteria can affect your physical health.

Steps to wash sex toys 

  • It is important to keep in mind the instructions for each individual toy, remember that each is different and requires special care and washing. Always read the instructions so you don’t damage your toys. 
  • Usually, you wash your sex toys with hot water, this helps eliminate bacteria. In addition, it is good to wash them with neutral soap, that is with soaps that do not modify the ph. This is important because you introduce your toys into intimate areas so you should take specific care.
  • Also, you can find liquid splash sex shops, but you should be careful not to affect the pH of your intimate area. Also, as a suggestion, it would be good to only use this in an emergency, but it is better to wash them with water and soap.

How to keep your toys well taken care of? 

To keep your sex toys well cared for it is important to keep them in excellent condition. Store your toys in packaging that comes directly from the factory or in plastic containers that you can wash constantly. 

Always, before using them you should wash them. This will protect your intimate area. It is likely that you do not use them to take bacteria from the environment. 

Taking care of your sex toys is taking care of your health and that of your partner. Always remember to read the instructions of each new toy so that you maintain excellent care and do not receive any disease.