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In Colombia, as a result of the economic crisis born by covid 19 in 2020, entrepreneurs and the unemployed, seeing themselves in a great economic depression, decided to risk a new issue, unknown to many, but very striking due to its high income of money.

To get into context we talk about webcam modeling, what is this movement that is generating so much fury in the Colombian streets?

Webcam ‘modeling’ is a paid sexual activity that came to the country as one of the floating islands of the adult entertainment industry. It consists of transmitting through some pages where the girls have to undress for a client or many in a virtual session. It can be seen as something sexual, a cybernetic accompaniment for many users around the world in search of company.

Knowing the subject we are talking about, now we are going to address one of the great mistakes made by Colombian businessmen.

Many people have risked closing due to force majeure and investing in what many believe is a lucrative business, what they do not know is that 60% of 100% are prone to failure.

What is this about? It is because as in any other business, if a person does not know about the subject in which he is going to incur, he does not have experience or a good guide, because it will simply be a dead end tunnel.

“Most dabble in this for the money, but there is also a psychological component, and that is that many like to feel admired; there is a joy, a pleasure that goes beyond money. “

This coming to a conclusion, this business is a double-edged sword, where there can be big winners or too many losers. There is nothing to indicate that this business, with still very debatable guts and becoming more and more sophisticated, is going to disappear. Quite the opposite.