Everyone’s talking about content, how to create content, what tools you need to create the best content. 
Content is not only the king, but it’s the queen and the royal servants and without quality ones, your online game is a no-go.


Let’s get some tips on how to create the best content

As you already know, the image represents the first interaction with any kind of member you will have. From the profile picture to the content on-demand you can sell, the content should be high quality if you want to gain new members or to have good retention with the ones you already have.

In this article, we will talk about all the content needed and how you can improve so the final results can increase your income.


You need some light in your life!


We can’t stress enough about how important lighting is. Light can make the difference between a basic photo and a magazine cover. We are sure you’ve noticed all the props needed in movies, ads and behind the scenes, those aren’t there just to look fancy, they are there for a reason, exactly the one we are talking about, the quality of content. Start step by step, invest in a ring light, this one is a game-changer. Keep in mind that your income growth should be directly proportional to your investment in order to improve your overall performance, so keep stepping up your game. Top models are always improving their work. Think also about working with a studio for this. Working with the best cam studio will help you create great content.


Angles are your secret weapon! 


There’s no ugly model,  there are just bad angles! Do yourself a favor and rehearse your best angles in the mirror. No one knows better than you what your best traits are, what are your perks, and most importantly what are your “weaknesses” that don’t need to see the light of day. Everything gets better with practice and even runway models started with a lot of “mistakes”.


Try to keep the content as relevant as possible!


At first, you will need to try different niches till you can find the one that resonates the most with your model personality. Funny enough, the members will help you a lot with this. Once you will find your style of creating content, you can move on to the next step … DAILY TRENDS. This is the key, make it natural, adapt and include the trends from all over the world in your day-to-day life activities, since members also want to know the real you, the person outside the camera, your interests.