Picture this: you are a fellow regular on a live streaming website, and you’ve got to choose who you’re tipping. Is it going to be the bored girl who checks her phone every 5 seconds, or the bubbly one, who welcomes everyone and is big-hearted enough to offer raffles and deals to every member. You might say the response is as obvious as 1+1=2, but don’t make haste. Indeed, the answer is clear as day if you follow the steps by the book. But what the book totally forgets to mention is the key element that nobody has control over – luck in camming. 

Why luck in camming is everything

Who’s making more stacks of dollar bills? The reality that makes you come down on Earth with a bang is that there is no certainty in who will or won’t make money. No matter how “good” you are or how “hard” you try (whatever these broad and subjective adjectives can mean in the world of camming). Maybe you’ve witnessed camgirls way at the bottom of the barrel, trying everything they could to earn a few tokens from a room, dwelled by one silent premium and a few leechy guests.

Or maybe you’ve seen girls who are non-stop humming and hawing about the slow traffic while online, but still making hundreds of dollars daily. Suggestions and advice build up the likelihood of earning more money – but nothing is guaranteed. 

luck in camming

You might know everything, but…

A good camgirl who spent her time studying the rule of thumb when it comes to chatroom victory knows how to appeal to her members, how to price herself and what to say. But not even 5 trucks, filled to the brim with experience, knowledge and effort altogether can pale when luck doesn’t make an appearance. Everytime you log in, you a gambling session – you place bets, bluff, get to be the winner who takes it all… or utterly lose

There are going to be days when no matter how mind-blowing your moves are and how energetic your personality is, the traffic will be somehow similar to a graveyard. But there are also going to be times when you will be online at the precise moment when someone with a lot of money to spend stumbles across your chatroom. Sometimes, you have to be in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time. There is no unknown secret recipe when it comes to loud success – or at least, not one that will guarantee a 100% success rate. 

Success isn’t totally out of control 

However, you don’t have to wait around, do nothing and just pause your cam model career until a divine dose of luck falls down from the sky. A good and stable skill set that will guarantee most of your financial accomplishments is like learning ballet. Nobody can explain to you the most difficult ballet moves, then send you in the limelight of the stage and expect you to be outstanding. The reality is that you have got to fall and fuck yourself many more times that you can count before you master the art of camming

Some basic people skills like being warm and kind, while showcasing some eye-catching movements should do the trick in the beginning. No matter how slow your day is going, keep going and don’t stop from embodying an user’s possible dream girl. You never know who’s watching and might think your titties are fantastic. Nor you will know when a new user might decide to spend his monthly salary with you, so talk to everyone. 

No need to lie – in your camgirl career, there are going to be episodes when three thousand dollars are going to be just sheer luck. And you will also be the main character in a movie called “Unsuccessful weeks and no viewers” – but it’s okay. The bright side? We all go through it, at some point… maybe even repeatedly. While you are not always going to get what you put in, try to do it as much as you can. Not from a token perspective, but from a personal growth one. And who knows, maybe that hot tease is going to summon some luck.