Everyone identifies with their zodiac sign, but what about their birth month? (They’re totally different things, BTW.)
Birth month and zodiac sign may correlate slightly, but they say different things about you.

Here are the 12 birth months, and what they say about what makes you successful:

Your initiative, your ambition, and your unwavering determination to succeed at what you do. Nothing and no one can deter you from your goals and fulfill your destiny to be the person of greatness that you’re proud to be.

Your creativity, your vigor drive to start and complete all your projects, and your free-spirit nature allows you to bend the rules and live a life of your own choosing that is outside of social boundaries.

Your intuition to follow your dream, your limitless imagination, and your passion that push you to pen down your most evocative work that best reveals your true self.

Your zest to live life with no regret, your commitment to being fully in the moment and cherishing every single moment with your loved ones, and your fiery belief to commit fully to what you are after.

Your insightful perspective, the strong communication skills that allow you to resonate with anyone, and your harmonious outlook in life allow you to live a balanced life of great fun and fulfilling work.

Your ingenious ideas seek to inspire and encourage others, your vision to make your plans a reality, and your purposeful persistence to share it with the world.

Your enthusiasm to live life to the fullest, your spontaneity to go with the flow and be content with what you have, and the infectious optimism that makes you a positive influence on others.

The analytic and logical thinking that encourage you to make the best decision possible, your opinionated nature, and your firm principles to stand up for the cause that you believe in.

The high standards that make you strive to create your best work yet, your creativity to optimize your potential, and your kindness to help others to succeed and be their best selves.

Your optimism to see the bright side of life despite the overwhelming odds against you, your independence to carving your own time for dreams that keep you awake, and your fierce loyalty to protect your loved ones.

Your intensity to put in your one hundred percent into what you believe in, your fearlessness to go after what you want even if it means taking the road less traveled.

Your penchant for adventures, your free-spirit nature to make all of Earth your home, and your dissatisfaction with the status quo pushes you to constantly search for more.