The smell is one of our most erotically charged senses because it is in direct connection with memory and emotions. We have all experienced associating certain pleasant or unpleasant smells with good or bad memories. That is why even the most ancient traditions used the sense of smell as a spiritual channel, with the belief that inhaling aromas with specific qualities can induce different states of mind, such as peace, bliss, calm, enthusiasm, and joy.

Scientific studies have proven that aromatic molecules have a direct impact on our nervous system and, therefore, soothing or energizing properties. The aphrodisiac effects of essential oils have been observed and used since ancient times. They are concentrated extracts obtained through distilling different aromatic parts of plants, such as flowers, seeds, leaves, or bark.

In order to get their full effect, it is important to use natural essential oils, not synthetic ones which lack any real qualities.

How to Use Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used in many different ways, but the best ones for an unforgettable erotic experience are inhalation, baths, and massage.

Inhaling aphrodisiac aromas is excellent foreplay for both men and women. You will need a ceramic oil burner, one tea light candle, and a mix of essential oils. Pour 8 to 10 drops of oil, add some water and enjoy the fragrance as it slowly diffuses into the air. Be careful not to leave the burner unsupervised.

Use the aromatic bath on your own, as a way of relaxation and raising your sexual energy before a date, or together with your partner for an enticing experience. The only rule is to never use an essential oil by itself for a bath because it will not disperse in the water and it may cause irritations. Mix 10 to 15 drops of oil with 20 ml of carrier oil (any vegetable oil), with milk or honey. This way, you can indulge in a sensual bath that will uplift your mood and also be good for your skin.

If you haven’t tried an erotic massage with essential oils, it’s time you should. The aphrodisiac aromas combined with the physical stimulation are a guaranteed gateway to erotic ecstasy. Again, do not use essential oils undiluted, as they are very strong. For best results, add 35 drops to 80 ml of any carrier oil, for 100 ml of massage oil that will last for several uses.

Aphrodisiac Aromas for Him and Her

Ylang-ylang – A highly sexual, intoxicating fragrance, known as the ‘wedding flower’ in Indonesia. Recommended for both women and men

Cinnamon – A warm, earthy, energizing aroma, with stimulating qualities for men

Neroli – An ethereal floral aroma that gently uplifts women, induces profound relaxation, acts as an antidepressant

Patchouli – Another exotic, distinctive fragrance, which helps to induce a sensual, almost mystical atmosphere

Ginger – A hot and very stimulating essence for men. It relaxes the muscles, relieves tensions, and increases the libido

Black Pepper – This spicy essential oil increases sexual desire and is excellent for women who feel tired or devitalized

Vanilla – A classic erotic scent, with demonstrable antidepressant properties and arousing effects for women

Be creative when it comes to mixing essential oils, experiment, and find out which ones are your favorite for increasing your libido, relaxation, and passionate nights.