I bet that until now, you’ve heard the good, the bad and the ugly side of camming. But basic facts acknowledging camming as a highly lucrative business, while disclosing how from an outsider perspective cam girls are paid to have orgasms are just at the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to information. Deep down, camming is more than a business where women are paid to have orgasms. Might sound like a cliche, but this business is a journey of self-development and self-discovery. Your camgirl alter-ego can teach you about camming consent, pleasure and healing better than a therapist will ever do. 

camming consent

You are your own boss

When it comes to independence with a drop of security regarding the sex work hierarchy, camming can proudly sit on its throne. Unlike porn stars and sugar babies, your activity unfolds from the comfort of your bedroom or a professional studio’s glamorous rooms. Just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, you get to say when who, and how much. Camming has the ability to give you a sense of value when it comes to your physique while giving you full control over that value. Not only as a sex worker but also as a sexual individual on a more personal level. 

At the other side of the tunnel though, there is a culture based on “do-this-because-I-pay-for-it”, where rookie cam girls can easily get lost into and firmly believe that this is the way it has to be. Rule number one in being an independent cam girl is: never comply with a despiteful request because you fear losing tokens. Never go along with what they ask for because you feel pressured by them. Or by you. Or by society. Whatever it is, always remember camming is this enticing and empowering job, where men desire you so much they are willing to pay to worship your sexuality and enjoy your digital company. You don’t owe anyone anything – besides yourself.

camming consent

The power of camming consent

Just like in the real world, you have to look in the mirror to see who matters most in your life. As a beginner, your gaze might be filched by how much the top models of the website you are streaming on are earning. And that ultimately might push you into saying “yes” when your heart aches with “no”. Comparison is the death of happiness, so always try to remember that those top models were rookies just like you at the some point. It takes time, determination and ambition to get at the top. Nobody offers you a place there, you are the only one responsible for earning it.

As a woman, you owe yourself a job where only you can set boundaries and enforce them. The best part is that camming gives you that. Everytime you pull off a quirky show or touch yourself in front of dozens of viewers, it should not be solely because someone typed in the chat “I will give you 100 tokens if you follow my request”. It should be raw, genuine and natural. As a cam girl, feeling like you have agency in every sexual situation is at the top of everything. Who cares if you make hundreds of dollars daily, when deep inside you feel exploited and hurt? You won’t care for sure. 

A vulnerable, yet empowering place to be

One of the most important things that camming teaches you is the strength of consent. Feel it in your body when you say yes. Discover what full control over your body means. Camming consent is paramount to being able to experience sexual pleasure. Why most cam girls can’t achieve pleasure is because this pleasure comes with a baggage that we all fear –  vulnerability. Letting someone, including your own self, to give you pleasure is an incredibly vulnerable and intimate place to be. You can only get there with the safety that comes from consent, whether that’s with a single partner or with a chat room full of viewers.