Relationships are something we all aspire to in the end, to know that you have found that person with whom you can be yourself, to tell him anything, to know you and your body so that you can go to the highest peaks. Also, It is a valid general truth, and this is what many of your members really want. Why not make the most of it? You’re going to develop your talking and your relationships skills. Furthermore, you’ll increase your earnings.

How can you do this? Whether you manage on your own or the support team will help you, here are some tips:

Talking & Meeting

For starters, try to have as long and elaborate conversations as possible, to be able to penetrate the member’s mind and get to know him as he really is, not a mask placed in front of a nickname. Try to focus on your conversational skills. Also, try to always end the sentences with a question, it will keep the conversation going. Try to reuse the words the member uses. It will give him the impression that you think the same, you relate the same to the topics.

Even if it’s very important to support your real opinions, do it this way. Set a schedule in which to meet. Imagine that every night you have a date. Set a time and give free rein to the conversation. Talk about what you did that day, what your plans are.

Try to make the relationship look more like a paid call on a computer. Of course, be trustworthy and be yourself, if you promise something, keep your word. Take care of what you promise and how you do it, gain the member’s trust and then everything will come naturally.

Try to make him fall in love with your true personality. The way you really are. It will only do you good. You will be able to be natural, and this is important, time will pass faster and you will not be trapped in a character.

Know him and play with his mind

Learn how to incite him more than with the body, to incite his mind. Be a little jealous, show her that, but don’t be too upset, this can be a big turn off. Try to get his attention if you see that he goes to the rooms of other models. Make him want to be alone yours. Tell him to follow you on Social Media and post there content related to what you talked about but without tagging him.

Try to post things you know incite him, things you talk about and pictures you know about that only he would want to see. Teach him his passions and take advantage of him. Learn what he likes and emphasize. Furthermore, get to know his fantasies, fetishes and try to be everything he ever wanted when you are with him.

Do you know he has a special day? That he accomplished something in life? Make a special themed show for him. Is his birthday coming? Prepare something special for him. Custom made stuff is always the best turn on.

Moreover, be a good listener. Learn to listen to them, to make connections with your members, your room to be their quiet place without which a day cannot pass if they do not enter and of course, create obsessions.