I want you to know that this experience is not a general one. You can be sure that I am here to get very personal with my experience and expose those juicy parts.

Number 1: The freeloaders

No, I am not actually talking about the silent guests which were lurking on my chat never saying anything. But referring to the ones who were trying to convince me to do particular things without tipping me in the first place.

Advice: If they don’t tip you even 1$ but are trying to convince you to do things, just don’t do it! They won’t tip you after 99,9% of the time.

You have to be tough like I did! I never let my members know that I am desperate for money, that I have bills to pay or food. No! I was fierce in saying no to them.

Number 2: The “patient” type of person

While I enjoy listening to most of my members I never liked or understood the “patient” type. They are only there to talk about daily life and the routine they have. I mean, yes I would love to listen to you and play the role of a psychologist if being asked, but you have to take me in a private chat.

Even psychologist gets paid for the time they spend listening to your problems. And I am not here to do it for free!

Remember: No one will pay you, if you give out everything for free.

Number 3: Fluctuation in money

I had periods of time where I ended up with 40k but there were others where I made 0 dollars. This was frustrating, overwhelming but most important it was motivating. Knowing that at any given moment somebody could just come and spend a lot of credits with me was really empowering. Having this mindset really helped me a lot.

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”

-Thomas Jefferson

Number 4: Some request

I hate how everybody asked me to do anal. Like I honestly wish that I could but I can’t because I have IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome). The foot fetish was weird for me because I was insecure about my toes. I remember one day I went on camera wearing a pad and I made 700$ and I still don’t understand why or how or for what. But the good thing is that I do have a high tolerance for weird kinky stuff and managed to set my boundaries very well.