Summer’s here. No doubt about it, temperatures reach Hell level, you feel like melting and the last thing on your mind is to do your hours online.

Well, what if we told you that that’s exactly what you should do? Not melt, but go to work.

Before you start rolling your eyes and calling us crazy, listen to the top 10 reasons from the #girlsfromstudio20 to go to work during the summertime:

  1. Your competition will be on vacation so you can reach more members.

 Since there will be so many cam models on vacation, someone has to take care of the members and who says that that someone shouldn’t be you?

  1. All your members will be on vacation so that means more time to spend with you.

 How many times have you heard “Baby, I’m at work, I can’t come to see you.” Well, problem fixed! Now the work thing won’t be an issue anymore.

  1. The prices of a decent vacation will explode.

 You can take the same vacation for a week or two in September or October at half the price you would be paying for it right now and for far better conditions. Just think of how many people go on vacation, the cleaning won’t be done thoroughly, but on fast forward.

  1. The city’s not crowded anymore so you can go wherever you want without fighting traffic.

Just imagine: a city free of cars and people honking like crazy, kids in restaurants crying, stressed out parents and everything that comes with it. #FREEEEEEEEEDOM

  1. All the stores in your city will have discounts.

 While at all the most wanted holiday locations, the stores go crazy with overpricing things just because they know people will buy, your city’s stores will have massive sales that you can splurge on. Happy shopping!

  1. Everywhere you think of going will be super crowded and the reason to go on vacation is to relax, right?

Remember those parents and screaming kids we were talking a while back? Guess where they are! That’s right: on that sandy beach, building sand castles and crying because they can’t have that blue lollipop. And all those couples that go on vacation once a year will be there too, the ones that give it another try and start fighting at the bar after he looked a little too much at you. Yep, they’re there.

  1. You can see the city you live in

How about you start sightseeing in your city at night? A study showed that less than 60% of the people living in London know the city and are tempted to discover new places. When you get off work, just take a ride on the streets of the free city and enjoy it fully.

  1. The only nice locations are better to be visited in the autumn or winter

Rainy season in Asia now, too hot anywhere else. The only way to go is North. And Olso, being a great capital and everything…well., there’s not so much to do there, is it? And you want to go somewhere where it’s sunny and nice, right? We’re not saying that seeing the fjords is not a nice thing to do but you did want a lay-in-the-sun-like-a-lazy-cat holiday, didn’t you?

  1. The pickpocketers are super alive and well during summer time

Do you know what the best time to have your wallet stolen is? Yes, you guessed it! It’s during the summer when everyone is high on endorphins and forget to take care of their belongings! 

  1. While everyone is spending, you’re saving.

And guess who’ll buy the best and nicest on-sale clothes during the sales season? And just imagine yourself sipping a Mai Tai on a beautiful beach, not worrying about expenses or how much money the holiday costs because you’ve saved so much.