Your prayers have been answered: Bella Mikaelson is here and she is here to stay. She just fell from heaven so it’s your job to show her around, make her feel comfortable and happy. Bella needs a guide and we think you’re perfect for her. She loves patient and kind men who know how to treat a lady. Be careful though! You might end up falling in love with her and that’s an addiction you will have forever.

Her angelic face and soft curls will surely steal your heart and you don’t have to resist it either. Give in and let her bless you and make you the happiest man on Earth. After all, she will need to thank you for all your help. How? Well, that’s up to you two. Get to know each other, see what are your passions, your desires, and how you can make them a reality.

But don’t be fooled though! She ain’t all holy! Bella has a wild, dark side that she only shows to a select few. But those who have seen it say that it’s simply out of this world. Full of kinks and fetishes and the like, all that the eye can see!

Sure she is an angel but somedays she can be the perfect little demon. You just have to put your faith in her because she knows what she is doing. Still, you have to know that between those two, BellaMIkaelson is smart, witty, loves a good conversation, is a nature lover, and loves to cook and surprise people she cares about. Does that sound like the dream girl for you? If it does then go get her tiger!

Break the ice with Bella!

Just go ahead and click here and enter the heavenly world of BellaMikaelson. Let yourself feel all the passion and all the love. Follow her on social media to see more from her life or be up to date with when she goes online so that you can snatch this angel up.

Don’t be shy and get what’s yours! After all, you want her all for yourself, right? So why wait? You have only to gain!