You’ve probably noticed that the camming world is not all rainbows and sunshine and that there’s the occasional cloud in the sky. Well, don’t fret! That’s actually quite normal! Any job has strange requests every now and then and this one is no exception. Still, have you ever wonder how to deal with them? What is the approach you embrace Do you straight refuse or ignore them? Or do you take a moment and think about it?

We hope these answers will help you and guide you in your interactions with your members.

But first, what makes a request strange? Well, it can go in different ways. Maybe some members want you to shave your head, maybe another wants you to bring a friend on camera, or maybe another wants you to use something a little too dangerous as a sex toy. As a rule though, whatever pushes you beyond what you’re comfortable with, or could cause your harm or could affect your income can be a strange request. Think about it, if you’d shave your head for one member the other members might leave thus affecting your money flow.

1.First of all set bundaries

What you’ll want to do, if you can, is try and prevent such requests from happening by outright stating what your limits are. That way you ensure your members know what they can push and what they cannot and what you’re comfortable doing. Knowing that they’ll understand it will be a waste of time to get into stranger stuff.

weird requests
It’s better to state what you are willing to do instead of letting member guess and potentially come up with strange requests

2. If preventing doesn’t work try the nice approach

There’s no need to be rude with a strange request or give a harsh dismissal. Whenever a member comes up with something like that try and gently tell him you can’t do that stuff but that you are open to other things, should he want to try it. Maybe even go ahead and suggest something that you know you’d be able to do and want to do.

3. Set the right price

Say there’s a strange request you kind of want to do but you’re not sure if it’s worth it. Well, then you can try and set a price that would make it ok for you to do it. We’ll give the shaving your hair example again. If you have a member who wants that, you can set the right price for that, and if he agrees you can do it. Make sure you take into consideration the length of time it will take for your hair to grow back, the wigs you’d potentially need to buy, and the members you might lose because of this.

Pro tip: Some models choose a monthly payment system instead of a one-time pay. So they can keep up with their expenses and cover their eventual losses if the request might be something that takes a toll on their earnings.

There might be more ways than these to deal with strange requests but these are some that work best and that can actually mean more income for you if you play them right. Remember though that there might be members who will bully you to try and get you to do what they want. In those cases just stick to your guns, and eventually, they’ll get the message and go away.