Jessica Ardor is one of the most exquisite models right now. She’s a famme fatale: an intelligent, strong woman, with long black hair, dangerous curves, emanating glamour with every step she takes. 

Online jessica

Her energy is just to die for! She’s so sensual, she makes you want to spend all day long in her room. Jessica is also a great conversationalist. Entering her room is a full erotic experience with a woman who knows what she does. She’s a deadly mix: that sexy voice, that teasing tone that keeps you excited and that unbelievable body, hourglass shaped perfection.

She defines herself as a well-balanced combo between sexy and glamour. You can clearly see she is right after you see her content. We love the way she keeps her fans updated, and the way her special page just makes you want more and more of her. Absolutely magnetic!

Real life Jessica

Meeting Jessica felt just like a hang-out with an old friend. She has such a great sense of humour and she’s a kind, passionate person. Even if those dangerous woman vibes make you take a step back and think she’s not easy to approach, you will find out she really likes that teasing experience. If you’re going to court her, she’s going to conquer your heart forever.

How is her personality? Well, let me tell you a few things about her. She’s that warm kind-hearted person; the kind that doesn’t show that she cares through words, but through actions. She’s in love with dogs, she has a French Bulldog. He’s a royal goofy-faced baby, really well trained, that recognizes Jess as his mommy in the sweetest way possible. They have a way of talking and understanding each other that melts your heart instantly. We loved seeing the sweet side of Jess when meeting her, and we found out that one of her favourite ways to spend her evening is watching a really good movie in her fluffy PJ’s ( mood for life yes).


With beauty, brains and sensuality, Jessica is quite an experience to behold. One only needs to visit her once and she will for sure convince you there is no other like her. Discovering the many faces of Jessica online is a pleasure and a treat very few models in the field could provide.