Here is the bottom line: while the camming world is scattered with users that can shift from the simple member status quo to a trusted friend rank, there is also a downside. Besides dealing with cheapskates that ask for a private price way below the one you display, get cyberbullied by members is yet another camming headache that will put your patience and mental health to a test. Lurking around every corner waiting for their next target, cyber bullies have no interest in getting to know you, paying or even looking. Their sole interest is to troll, browbeat and ruin your day. 

Might sound weird, but this type of camming users feed on your woe and anger like dogs on fresh meat. Just like any other type of online platform, camming websites are part of the bully culture. There is no runaway from it forever – and this thought alone maybe pushes you towards ending your camming career. Take a deep breath and rethink things, since we are going to coddle you in the most effective ways to deal with getting cyberbullied by members. 

cyberbullied by members

Never seek revenge 

There you are, having a way above-average day at work, both earnings and mood wise. Just when you think that it can’t get any better, a random username you have never seen before starts spamming your chat, calling you gruesome nicknames and gradually fueling your desire to press the “end session button”. 

Your first instinct as a human being is to fight back in order to show him he chose the wrong person to screw with. But, to be honest, that is only going to give him satisfaction. By responding to him in any way, you are doing nothing more than feeding him and his desire to continue destroying your chatroom. Always remember that you are more than a comeback. Be the bigger person and let him have it – ultimately, he is going to get turned off by the lack of response and exit your chat, out of his own will. 

Kick, ban, silence

We are not necessarily sure about who came up with the genius idea to implement those buttons in every camming website, but we are here for it. Whenever someone messes with your emotions and mood, feel free to make use of these features. Our main advice is that when someone says something negative in your room, don’t let him say it again. Kick, ban or silence him immediately. 

Of course, unfortunately there are times when bullying turns into aggressive harassment, and the person behind the mean messages will make creating 10 new accounts daily his favorite hobby. As pitiful and depressing as it sounds, it is real – and it happens more often than it should. In those cases, the website’s support will be your trusted bestie. Go and explain the situation, kindly asking to block his geo location – this way, whatever account is created from his IP address will have a permanent ban in your chatroom. 

cyberbullied by members

Talk to someone if you being cyberbullied by members is affecting you more than it should 

No matter how hard and brave you fight cyber bullying, it is difficult to erase the mean and hurtful words you read in the chatbox. If you feel like you dwell in it too much, go talk it out with a close relative or friend. This action might sound ineffective due to its simplicity, but communicating your feelings can work wonders. 

If you believe you have nobody in your social circle to talk about it, Pineapple Support is offering cheap online therapy for those working in the adult industry, in need of emotional support. Wherever you might be, you are never alone. There always is at least one person who would be able to help you overcome whatever.