I’ve always been passionate about living a healthy life and keeping myself fit. I’ve been in the camming world for almost 2 years and a half and let me tell you, it gives you very little time for gym and exercises. But I’m a creative spirit so one day I woke up with this wonderful idea of combining cam world with fitness. Keep my mind on my money and my body in a perfect shape.

  • Fitness Fetish

It all started with me posting on my social media pictures from the gym. I had a lot of positive reviews and many of my members asked me about my fitness passion. I’ve received messages, encouraging me to post a lot more of my gym selfies and even short clips.

I was really surprised that fitness has become an actual fetish, and people get a real kick out of seeing a beautiful fit body on cam. Remember those old commercials with some hot steamy fireman, full of muscles, rescuing a cat from a tree? I think the feeling is the same. It makes your blood run faster.

It was just a matter of time until I was doing it on my free-chat.

  • Position yourself on camera in a good angle

To make the best out of my fitness session, I must prepare and think about the member point of view. I usually come to the studio earlier and prepare my room with all kind of gym equipment.

I try to fit the camera for the best angles. Zoom in, zoom out it’s a must in this case. Members will want to see those muscle flexed, they will want to see you doing squats, so put the camera in such way that your ass will look perfect, and they will want to see you sweat – I strongly recommend taking a shower afterwards.  Remember that you are your own best critic, so take your time to set your room.

  • Keep talking about your exercises and what effect will have.

Your day is about to start. You just logged in and members are starting to show up in your room. They see you wearing nothing but a sports bra, a pair of leggings, your sport shoes and no make-up. Ok, maybe just a little bit of make-up, or a natural look. You must look better on camera, right?

Surprise! Not your typical cam girl image, is it? Tell your members you have planned a little fitness party for them today. And convince them to join you and have fun. Just like those aerobic shows.

And 1, and 2, and 3, and 4.

  • Engage with your guest, make them your virtual work-out partners.

Encourage your members to work with their own training schedules from the start, and to explore new physical activities and fitness practices. Teach them to keep an open mind about incorporating these into their workout plans. It’s a win – win situation. You are making your members healthy and happy in the same time.

  • Start your warm-up

You’re on, your members are ready, everything is set, you look great and confident, you can do this.

Start with the warm up. But make it fun. Tell some kinky fitness jokes. You can find a lot of them in my blog posts from my personal site. You know the routine – mobilizing joints, practicing movements and increasing blood flow to muscles. Don’t forget breathing exercises. You don’t want to make your members all blue from the lack of air.

Keep it dynamic – the more you move the more adrenaline you release and your members will eventually join the game.

Jump around – oooh yeah! Jumping around in your sports bra is a great image to show. You just can’t keep your eyes away from bouncing boobs.

Tuned it up and turn it up – put some work out music. Like “Eye of the Tiger” or “Rambo” OST. It should be fun.

  • Kill them with kindness.

Time to sweat!

  1. Start with a deep breath in a standing position, stretching arms overhead.
  2. Walk in place for two minutes.
  3. Pick up the pace of your walk for two more minutes. While walking, alternate between rolling your shoulders back and raising your hands over your head, meeting in a clap. This works best when listening to music so you can keep to the beat.
  1. Jog in place for one minute.
  2. Move into high knees for one minute.
  3. Alternate between jogging in place for one minute and high knees for one minute, three times through.
  4. Move into deep squats for one minute; this allows you some recovery time while also strengthening your legs.
  5. For one minute, do a quick boxer’s shuffle while alternating front punches. Take care to not overextend your arms.
  6. Switch to alternating front kicks for one minute, keeping your arms in an upright guard position.
  7. Move into alternating front and back kicks (right leg goes front, left leg goes back) for one minute, then switch leg directions for one minute.
  8. Switch back to alternating front kicks for one minute.
  9. Do jumping jacks for one minute.
  10. Move into an alternating side squat for one minute. This is your recovery time for this segment.
  11. Starting at #4 above (jogging in place for one minute), go through the series again.
  12. After completing the series twice, move into one minute of pushups.
  13. Hold a plank position for thirty seconds.

Piece of cake! And you look good while doing it. Now you are sweaty. Looking sexier by the minute.

  • Time to cool down a little with some sexy Yoga exercises.

If you’ve ever struck a pose during a yoga class and thought, “Wow, I could have sex like this,” you’re not alone. All those ass-in-the-air, lady-parts-on-display postures can make you feel like you’re practicing the Kama Sutra rather than yoga. Those moves might put you in touch with your body in more ways than one. Namaste.

Puppy Dog Stretch – Sounds adorable, right? Well, this seemingly innocent pose could make a G-spot-stimulating stretch that we would do over and over again. You game?

Happy BabyAnyone else thinks it’s weird that the sexiest poses are named after innocent and adorable things? That being said, going spread eagle on our backs and grabbing our feet while getting down definitely makes us happy, baby.

Firefly – If you’ve ever conquered a tough yoga pose and immediately thought, “I did it! Nos, how can I work this impressive pose into my sex life?” you’re totally normal, and we like the way you think. Also, you get bonus points if your guy’s thrusting doesn’t interfere with your balance.

Half Dog on the Wall – Also known as the bend-over-and-take-it-at-the-wall posture. This is definitely a pose worth trying in the shower. 

The Big Toe – You might start out doing this pose to clear the clutter in your head and restore a sense of calm to achieve a mind and body balance, but when the stretch is over, your main objective to get your leg over his shoulder mid-sex. #goals

Downward Facing Dog – Can you really push back into down dog without immediately feeling like you’re about to take it from behind? Yeah, didn’t think so. 

Standing Split

If you have the flexibility to bend over, put nose to knee, and lift your other leg at a 180-degree angle, we salute you. If we had that skill, we’d definitely use it to have the craziest sex ever. Until then, it’s a big motivator to sign up for class.

  • Who’s ready for a shower show.

After all this hard work out, a hot steamy shower is exactly what you need. Use this to your advantage and announce a wild shower show for your private.

This is my way to mix business with pleasure. Have some fun from time to time. Members will join your fun too.