It`s no secret that building a man`s anticipation it`s important in any type of relationship. Sometimes it can be tough to keep up the passion and excitement, so you`ll have to step up your game and get creative. All you need to do is connect the dots and figure out how to make him crave you more. Keep reading if you think teasing is only about what you`re wearing because there is a lot more that you need to know about this topic. Do you want to surprise him with the best teasing of his life?

Find out what suits you

First off, you need to discover yourself and what fits you best. In order to achieve good teasing, you have to feel comfortable in your own skin and enjoy it too. You can practice a bit before the moment comes, and figure out what makes you feel right and what doesn`t. Pay attention to your facial expression, and make sure that your body language is on point, as they send the message clearer than words could ever do.  

It`s all in the details 

Basically, the teasing act is based on sex imitation, but you are dressed and that only makes it better! Some people have the misconception that it requires minimum action or attention, but that couldn’t be more wrong! Simple, small details can make or break the moment. For example, choosing the right music can get him in or out of the mood. If you need some inspiration on types of music that could work, I`m sure you can find it on YouTube, or simply pick the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack and you`re good to go. Also, get lazy with the flow of your movements and don’t forget about eye contact. Your teasing should be sloppy like you have got all the time in the world reserved only for him. 


Once you have settled on a certain type of music, make sure you are in sync with it.  Your movements should never be sudden or with breaks in between. Combined, everything should look natural, so don’t rush things, and make everything flow in the same rhythm as the tunes that you chose. 

Put your sexy lingerie on…. and then take it off 

Yes, everybody knows about this, but it’s just as important as any other aspect. You can’t tease someone wearing sneakers and denim on denim. Wear your high heels, because they will elongate your back and make your butt stand out. Pair them with your sexy outfit and gorgeous smile and you are about to make him go wild just by the sight of this. When you get to the point of undressing, don`t do it like you normally would. Let yourself be undressed by his gaze or indications- this way you are making things personal. Look into the camera so he can feel like you`re looking at him. A kinky way to spice things up is to throw away your panties in the camera so it’s like you’re throwing them at him. Guaranteed this will make him feel special! 

 Sync it all 

After you tease him with your goddess movements and sexy outfit, you will eventually get undressed. Your body language is very important, so think of it like you are giving yourself to him, and not that you are only making a show. Your facial expression and everything else must come together in sync. Touch yourself in the same rhythm as the tunes, and be enthusiastic about your movements. Be very expressive, and last but not least- live in the moment.  

If you pair everything that you learned from this article with your confident attitude, then he will never stop craving you. And remember to always make the most of it, both in real life and on cam