We’ve already established in a previous article that Morning Rituals are very important when it comes to productivity, to overall mood throughout the day and how you embrace the challenges that come. But as well as those wonderful Morning Rituals there are Bedtime Routines that are just as important. And in this article you will find out what are they, why they are important and how they can help you to sleep better and feel better when you wake up.

Let’s establish first what a Bedtime Routine is in order to understand how to implement it in your life. As the name suggests, it’s a routine, so it’s something that you do constantly everyday in order to be prepared to sleep better and to set the mood for the following (preferably at least 7 to 8) hours when you are in bed. A Bedtime Routine is a set of activities that a person performs every night, in the same order, in the last 30 to 60 minutes before they go to bed.

Now that we know what they are, let’s find out what’s so important about them. We are creatures of habit, meaning that our brains recognize patterns, and a bedtime routine establishes habits that help our brains recognize when it’s time to sleep. By doing the same things in the same order night by night, your brain will recognize those activities as a precursor to sleep.

Another important thing that happens when you incorporate a bedtime routine in your life in that the late-night stress and anxiety levels drop. Late night stress and anxiety are those thoughts that keep you up at night worrying about what will happen in your life. If left unchecked, these thoughts can amplify and develop into insomnia, but following a bedtime routine can keep your mind focused on other tasks encouraging you to relax instead.

What is a good bedtime routine might you ask? I’ve got you covered! In the next paragraphs I will talk about some habits that you can incorporate in yours so you can start to sleep better and make more money on cam in no time.

The first and most important thing is deciding a set bedtime. This is really important because of our natural sleep-wake cycle, where your brain starts winding down for sleep even a few hours before bedtime. This means that you can use your bedtime routine to make that process of winding down even more effective. You need to set a bed time and a wake-up time and stick to them everyday, because it trains your brain to feel tired when it’s bedtime, and not before.

A second thing that I believe it’s important is leaving the electronics alone and far away from you. Yes, we know you like watching your Netflix before bedtime or seeing the latest posts on Social Media while in bed, but those things don’t help you relax. Electronic devices emit strong blue light, tricking your brain into thinking that it’s daytime instead of bedtime.

As it’s summer and the weather outside is very hot, at the end of the day we all take a shower so why won’t you switch it to a warm bath instead? A warm bath can mimic the nighttime drop in body temperature, the same thing that happens in the evening, preparing you for a good sleep. This will trigger a similarly sleepy reaction, so consider taking a warm bath about an hour before you go to sleep.

The last thing that I will recommend is reading a good book. A common bedtime routine for children is reading, because parents often read to their children a story in order to make them fall asleep faster. Doing this as an adult I would recommend staying away from exciting genres of books, like suspense and action, so stick to a drama-free plot.

Now the final piece of your bedtime routine would be getting into bed. Make this the last thing you do and once you place your head on the pillow don’t do anything else that might distract you, just try to fall asleep.

Now that you know the basics of a morning ritual and of the bedtime routine, you can be more productive, more energetic and focused when you stay in front of your members, fulfilling all their requests that bring you that hard deserved cash.